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With the Metaverse Project, rapper French Montana makes his crypto debut

French Montana is the newest rapper to venture into the metaverse. The highly renowned rapper announced his official entry into the cryptocurrency world via a cooperation with a well-known crypto metaverse project.

French Montana Makes His Metaverse Debut

The rapper announced the news on Twitter alongside a video of himself in the metaverse. French Montana is seen in the video strolling, running, jumping, and even swimming through the metaverse. His avatar is dressed in his typical white-on-white ensembles and is adorned with a big gold chain around his neck. Montana stated in his statement that he will collaborate with Radio Caca, a metaverse project based on the Smart Chain Network.

This collaboration would bring hip hop into the metaverse, which is something Radio Caca desires. According to the platform, it aspires to become a venue for events such as concerts and classrooms, thereby assisting in the development of a future platform. French Montana’s admission into the USM Universe is the first step toward bringing this platform’s goal to life.

“We are excited to partner with French Montana to build a community where creators will have more ownership of their creations. French Montana brings a fresh energy that will inspire artists to push boundaries the way crypto is pushing boundaries in all aspects of today’s world.” – Fuming C., Head of Business Development at Radio Caca

It is one of the first projects to feature such a collaboration with a rapper. The presence of a celebrity like French Montana adds to the metaverse’s worth. This is demonstrated by the increasing value of real estate surrounding famed rapper Snoop Dogg’s estate in the metaverse.

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