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With a metaverse experience, this startup is gamifying bitcoin trading

This crypto business with a financial focus hopes to make crypto trading more fun.

The crypto market is difficult to break into due to its constant presence, lack of regulation, and unpredictable volatility. New traders are frequently overwhelmed by the amount of information offered to them, making them easy prey for well-crafted scams and rug pulls.

However, while it is feasible to learn the market and approach trading with information, much of that knowledge is gained by experience. And the only way to obtain that experience is to lose money. That is, at least, how it seems in the cryptosphere. Ninja Fantasy Trader, on the other hand, is attempting to address this problem by providing a secure environment for inexperienced traders to learn the market.

Finance as a game

Ninja Fantasy Trader is one of the first play-to-earn NFT metaverse games with a financial focus. The game connects to the real world by incorporating data from real-world markets such as equities, FX, and cryptocurrencies into the in-game economy.

The fundamental element of the game is market trading, which is divided into several modes. A player can, for example, trade bitcoin, stocks, and other financial products for as long as they want in a mode called paper trading by the game’s design team.

What’s more, players can exchange their in-game portfolios for actual crypto in the form of the project’s NTC token, which is backed by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Players can compete in one-on-one and tournament matches in addition to traditional trade. Players stake their assets and take part in a timed live trading session in these bouts, with the most profitable trader collecting money from the tournament’s prize pool. The larger the reward pool, the more people who participate.

The Ninja Fantasy Trader team describes its game as suitable for both novice and experienced traders. Individual paper trading is promoted as a safe way to study the market, while complex war modes allow expert traders to risk their money and put their talents to the test.

Become an expert trader.

Ninja Fantasy Trader participants aren’t your average traders. Ninjas or NFTraders are used to symbolize gaming avatars instead. Players can gain access to trading games and competitions, create offices and enterprises, earn investors to make passive revenue, and more by owning a Ninja.

Each Ninja is an NFT with its own set of characteristics, but there is also a rarer tier of NFTs known as Samurais, of which only 31,700 will be available. Holders of the Samurai rank will be able to breed Senior NFTraders. Seniors will have unique abilities that cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

Otherwise, users can use the NTC token to construct offices and collect rent, as well as participate in governance through staking. They will also receive a VIP membership, which includes trading classes, market research, and access to a private trading group, among other benefits.

On March 18, the Ninja Fantasy Trader developers will run a presale and auction off 10,144 Samurais. A marketplace, community events, and a browser and mobile version of the Trading game are all coming soon.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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