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Waves aims for 5 million active users and $10 billion in TVL after launching its growth engine

As part of its 2022 roadmap, Waves aims to double its user base and fivefold the total value secured on its layer-1 blockchain.

As part of its 2022 strategy, Waves stated on March 31st that it aims to reach 5 million active users and $10 billion in total value locked, or TVL, on the Layer-1 blockchain and projects developed on top of it. The announcement comes only days after the company launched Waves Labs, its growth engine in the United States.

Waves is presently in version 1.0, with 2 million active users, wallets, and 250 validators. The blockchain conducts approximately 100k transactions per day and has a TVL of $2 billion. The roadmap explains how the company intends to transition to version 2.0 and what that will entail.

Waves Labs

Waves Labs will be based in Miami and will serve as a growth engine for the Waves network. Its primary goal will be to promote mass acceptance and raise awareness in the United States market.

Waves Labs will be overseen by a team of crypto and fintech experts, including Aleks Rubin, Head of U.S. Operations, Coleman Maher, Marketing Lead Jack Booth, and Tiffany Phan, V.P. of Finance and Operations.

“I am excited to lead this dynamic team as we expand visibility and enhance the utilization of Waves protocol in the North American market.”

Rubin, a former banker with 20 years of corporate finance experience, stated. Meanwhile, Sasha Ivanov, the founder and chief developer of Waves, will serve as an advisor to the company.

Waves Labs was founded on March 28th, and it is presently hiring new employees. It will also help to establish a $150 million accelerator fund in order to lure developers and projects to the Waves ecosystem.

Waves 2.0

Waves stated that it will continue to make protocol modifications in order to improve the system’s speed and security. Waves’ first order of business is to launch a new consensus technique based on Practical Proof-of-Stake Sharding, or PPOSS, in Spring 2022.

Waves will also be constructing an Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible network, which will be linked to the present network.

In the 2022 roadmap, Waves’ “multi-nuclei” environment covers a number of additional crucial features. The most important are the incorporation of a DAO Framework for new governance models, cross-chain funding via bridges, and a metaverse.

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