Water is an excellent idea! Bitcoin mining is key for heating this swimming pool

A Bitcoin miner is heating his entire swimming pool in order to let his children to swim–all while protecting the Bitcoin network and earning money.

Another mining breakthrough has been “pooled” by a Bitcoiner. He uses the ‘waste’ heat created by Bitcoin (BTC) mining to heat his swimming pool.

Jonathan Yuan, a Bitcoin fan, has children who “enjoy swimming, but the year before [he began using waste heat], they rarely went because the water was always too chilly for them.” Fortunately, he was interested in Bitcoin mining and was aware that it generates a great deal of heat.

Yuan stated that he purchased a “heat exchanger and configured several ASICs,” and was subsequently able to keep “the pool above 90F throughout the summer.”

The approach utilises immersion to cool the ASICs while “reclaiming that waste heat and putting it to practical uses such as heating living/working spaces, pools, or anything else that could benefit from up to 60 degrees Celsius/140 degrees Fahrenheit of heat.”

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However, “when the China ban occurred” and the difficulties of adjustment decreased, Yuan was forced to make a difficult choice. Do I reduce my Bitcoin mining or convert the swimming pool to a bathtub?

“When [the] difficulty dropped like a rock, I actually pushed all the ASICs to their limits, raising the pool temperature to 110F and forcing the children to refrain from swimming for approximately a month or two.” lol. Yes, I had to tell “sorry kids, the pool is too hot today; you will be unable to swim.”

The adjustment difficulty has subsequently increased to new heights, and his children are once again able to swim. Additionally, Yuan has “earned money” mining and, perhaps most intriguingly, “the pool worked as an ideal heat buffer.”

Indeed, employing Bitcoin miners to heat his swimming pool is more efficient than using traditional methods: it keeps “temperature variations over a 24-hour period to less than 1F to 2F, despite ambient temperatures exceeding 40F on some days.”

Yuan, who is based in Minnesota in the upper Midwest of the United States, has kept the pool “toasty” despite the freezing temperatures:



Yuan, who is based in Minnesota in the upper Midwest of the United States, has kept the pool “toasty” despite the freezing temperatures:

Yuan advises anyone with a pool to follow suit, as it is the “ideal application scenario” for waste heat. Yuan is presently creating a pool-specific tank that will be rated to flow pool water straight through the heat exchanger.

Yuan’s home is now heated by ASICs, and he has converted a hobby into a profession. CoinHeated, his Bitcoin mining firm, is “committed to converting Bitcoin miner waste heat into useful heat.”

The idea now is to expand pool heating projects to other residences, and he is in discussions with “manufacturers of heat exchangers who will be able to create something that will not corrode in chemically treated pool water.”

Meanwhile, the children can enjoy his home swimming pool, which has been warmed by Proof of Work.


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