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Verlux, a company based in Cardano, gives an update on its new “staking platform.”

Cardano-based Verlux recently said that its staking platform will be out in the next few weeks. However, before the Verlux Staking platform is released, there will be a whitelist of users who will be able to try it out. This way, the company can get feedback from users before going for a full-scale launch.

Verlux (VLX) is a trading platform.

VLX tokens don’t need to leave a user’s wallet while they are being staked on Verlux. People who stake VLX tokens can’t have less than the amount they staked on their wallet at any time.

Staking platforms usually ask users to put their money in a smart contract while they get paid. This means that they won’t be able to get their cryptocurrencies until the end of the staking period.

In the case of Verlux, users have full access and can even decide to get their tokens back at any time. This makes staking on Verlux more flexible and safe than most other staking platforms.

Minimum APY of 43%

VLX staking will have at least three pools, each with a different reward, minimum contribution, and lock-in period, with a maximum APY of 43%, and at least three pools.

People who own tokens can get rewards from Stake To Earn VLX and also Stake To Earn Featured NFT Drops, because there are 1 Billion $VLX in the world. On its Verlux Marketplace, Featured Listings and Creator Profile verification, as well as in the Verlux Ecosystem, the token is used as a transaction fee and as a way for the ecosystem to be run.


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