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VAF Compliance Can Help You Pass KYC/AML for Crypto Banking

A team of professionals at VAF Compliance is ready to assist you with all of your virtual asset compliance needs. Connect with VAF today; the Middle East’s premier virtual asset compliance firm serving customers globally.

What Is VAF Compliance?

The crypto, NFT, and metaverse areas are vibrant and alive, with new products being created on a near-daily basis. While having a technologically advanced industry is desirable, it is also vital to verify that the digital assets and the teams that support them are compliant. Being compliant in this area entails organizations and investors interacting safely with emerging technologies such as DeFi, as well as doing a risk assessment to protect a firm and its clients from financial crime.

VAF stands for virtual asset forensics, and the VAF Compliance team has over a decade of experience in the banking and virtual asset arena. Its objective and vision are to be the market leader in providing compliance services to retail investors, banks, and financial institutions. VAF Compliance is headquartered in Dubai, the region’s epicentre of technical advancements and a city that is promoting itself as an early adopter of blockchain technology and a hub for fintech and cryptocurrency innovation.

Being licensed and headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, provides international exposure for VAF Compliance, allowing the team to provide customized forensic reports for clients globally and assisting them in developing long-lasting partnerships with banking partners.

Gilson Ribeiro Da Costa, VAF Compliance’s co-founder and managing partner, added:

“The UAE is a global leader in digital assets and blockchain technology, with the recent Virtual Assets Federal License announcement and the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2022, we now have a clear path that will reinforce the UAE as the global hub for blockchain and Virtual Assets innovation. We chose to be based in the UAE because we know that the country is working to establish a clear regulatory framework which will allow companies in the digital assets space to operate easily and with clarity. As a DIFC licensed entity, VAF Compliance acts as a trusted partner to those interested in digital assets both within the region and worldwide.

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How Can VAF Help You?

Our process will assist you in becoming KYC/AML compliant in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

VAF Compliance works with a diverse range of customers, including law enforcement agencies, government entities, new financial technologies (NFT) projects, bitcoin millionaires, financial institutions, banks, and legal firms.

VAF’s Services

Reporting in Forensics

Early digital asset adopters frequently have a complicated trading history. They all confront the same difficulty in breaking into the banking profession.

VAF will create a case for the customer, aggregate their transaction history, and guarantee that all wallets are KYC and KYT compliant and ready for onboarding.

The forensic reports are created by qualified compliance professionals who communicate with regulators and institutional banks in the same language.


VAF Compliance can assist you in being a part of the broad use of cryptocurrencies. The team believes that decentralized currencies, along with the blockchain technology that underpins them, will be the catalyst for ushering in the digital age.

  • Become acquainted with the world of cryptocurrency.
  • Educate yourself on how to safeguard your investment.
  • Plan for the future of your company

Monitoring Cryptocurrency Transactions

VAF Compliance delivers an integrated, automated solution for virtual asset compliance that is tailored to your risk tolerance and helps you to comply with regulatory criteria. The team is capable of:

  • Conduct anti-money laundering/counter-terrorism financing (AML/CFT) and sanctions risk assessments on cryptocurrency transactions
  • Real-time detection and analysis of anomalous transactions
  • Establish a comprehensive audit trail for virtual asset transactions
  • Risk scores are calculated in real time for each entity based on your settings.
  • A pragmatic approach complemented by a thorough compliance monitoring system

VAF Compliance has a track record of effectively assisting clients with token sales, transaction monitoring, and other cryptocurrency-related challenges. The solutions provided are comprehensive and, following extensive investigative reporting, enable clients to verify their source of funds, ensure that no illicit activities are taking place, and provide the complete transaction history of a client’s wallets in order to comply with governmental and banking regulations. The team has experience with both private individuals and financial institutions. Contact VAF Compliance if you seek a compliance solution.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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