Using the Binance Smart Chain, Binemon intends to migrate the GameFi dapp to Binance

The team behind the PlayToEarn initiative feels that Binance Smart Chain can assist them in reaching their goal because of new growth potential.

Binance Smart Chain is the new home of the Great GameFi Migration PlaytoEarn blockchain project that was formerly housed on DRKchain.

It has been decided that the GameFi Dapp will be moved to the Binance Smart Chain in order to take advantage of fresh growth prospects. On the 3rd of February, the PlayToEarn team made an announcement via their official twitter account about the new development.

“Get ready for the remarkable advancement in product and community in 2022 of #Binemon. The vital plan “Moving Binemon Dapp to #BSC” will be carried out from February 7, 2022. Read this article carefully to get more insights on this crucial movement,”

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As a result, the Binemon team believes the MVB IV programme of the Binance Samrt Chain would be beneficial to the project’s growth. As a result, the Dapp was moved from DRKchain to the Binance Smart Chain platform.

Withdrawal of assets
The Binemon team now faces the issue of integrating the DRKchain’s assets into the Binance Smart Chain. Tokens and NFTs must be transferred, and a Binance Smart Chain-specific market must be created.

To ensure a smooth transition to Binance Smart Chain, all ingame activity, including marketplace transactions, will be suspended from February 7 to February 14. On February 14, the community will be able to download a new game from the playstore for Android and test flight for iOS. On the same day as the release of new features, PvP Season 16 will begin as well.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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