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Using PancakeSwap to Add Prize Injections to Lottery Rounds

The PancakeSwap team has taken into account user feedback as they plan to execute a series of modifications.

Revamping the Lottery in PancakeSwap

Lottery adjustments have been revealed by PancakeSwap, which will see more concentrated rounds and reward injections, resulting in the possibility of even greater prizes for winners.

One of the most popular PancakeSwap features will see most lottery rounds take place every 36 hours, with an injection on average of 35,000 $CAKE per week, according to Chef Bun’s official Medium publication on Feb 3.

There are three key reasons for the impending shift, according to PancakeSwap:

  • As a group, we’d like the game to last longer.
  • The most tickets are sold during the rounds in which there is a prize infusion.
  • Participation in a competition can be boosted by the size of the prize pool.

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Updated functionality may be able to reduce the protocol’s high emissions rate by more than $5.5 million in $CAKE burnt through use of the feature. The new round will begin at 12 p.m. UTC on February 8 following round #435, which will take place on February 7.

On Reddit, Yoloyodo22 called for an upgrade to PancakeSwap’s current lottery system, stating:

“The PCS Lottery went to millions worth in the 1st 10-20 draws, why isn’t it being injected with more CAKE? We need Millions worth of PCS Lottery please. Or reduce PCS Lotto price from $5 to $1.”

Although PancakeSwap’s demands appear to be more ambitious, the company appears more open to community feedback and may be able to make more adjustments as a result. The potential is limitless with so many people using it.

“If you have taken a look at our latest 2022 Q1 Roadmap, you might have noticed that Lottery V3 is also in our pipeline!” The team added in the concluding section of their Medium post.

To that end, PancakeSwap has revealed that they’re looking into different ways to sell tickets and even different game types altogether. The Lottery function is one of the most popular in the game, and the developers want to maintain it that way. ‍

What is PancakeSwap?

Binance Smart Chain’s decentralised exchange PancakeSwap has the biggest volume of trading in the market. As opposed to Ethereum or Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain is used by PancakeSwap, a blockchain with significantly cheaper transaction costs. By using Syrup pools, the protocol allows users to safely cultivate yields while also charging lesser costs than other leading decentralised exchange platforms.

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