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Upland Metaverse Expands With New Features Following a Successful Launch

Upland’s latest development will enable you to start your own business in the metaverse, earning tokens and establishing yourself as a true entrepreneur. Additionally, NFT automobiles are on their way to the platform, bringing with them exciting new ways to enjoy the Play-to-Earn experience, such as street racing.

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The Upland Economy Performs Well

Upland is a mapped-to-the-real-world NFT metaverse in which users can purchase, sell, and exchange digital properties using the in-game coin UPX. It is a free-to-play game that is available on iOS, Android, and the web. Recently, the metaverse achieved a number of noteworthy milestones, demonstrating the power of its economy.

Since 2021, the Upland community has grown to 252,594 property owners, and gamers have earned over $2.8 million USD. Apart from properties, the total number of minted NFT assets (such as explorers, NFLPA legits, Spirit legits, and structural ornament NFTs) reached 905,831, including 20,077 distinct NFTs. Additionally, the total number of properties created in-game stands at 2,883,723.

Additionally, 35,819,364,000 UPX was purchased throughout this time period. And the daily average volume of transactions was 107,316,000 UPX.

The Upland real estate market is likewise rather busy, with 5,962 mints each day on the primary market and 6,701 secondary market transactions per day. There were 2,635,225 primary market transactions and 1,983,560 secondary market sales in total. As evidenced by the fact that the average Upland house sold for 3.58 times its initial mint price on the secondary market, owners have done extremely well.


The Upland Metaverse Will Soon Have Shops and Racing Cars

The Upland economy is given the option to maintain its current level of performance in the future, as the metaverse’s engineers add exciting new features.

Metaventures is one such development – player-owned and run shops located across Upland. These will enable prospective entrepreneurs to establish a new economy and establish a livelihood in the metaverse. Each Metaventure owner will have the opportunity to develop their own distinct brand by creating, manufacturing, and selling NFTs, as well as acting as a broker for other players and lending in-game assets. Ten participants have already established their own brands and are prepared to offer their one-of-a-kind Block Explorers as part of Metaventures’ Beta launch.

Additionally, NFT automobiles are coming to Upland! A new mode of transit will provide real-time travel, racing, and automobile-related business prospects. Upland has even formed its own automobile brand, M Motors, which will debut in a Santa Clara, California, flagship showroom.

Cars will be used for mobility both between and inside cities, with some cities accessible only through car. Players will be able to connect to Ridesharing, which will enable a service economy by allowing for the transportation of cargo within Upland. Racing will be an interactive experience, with players competing in Upland-sponsored and player-generated races (See video below). Additionally, players will be able to operate a range of new automobile-related Metaventures, including Showrooms (Dealerships), Body Shops, and Racing Academies. Even traditional automobile manufacturers are being asked to join the Web3 revolution via this latest Upland advancement.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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