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Two new GameFi partners have been announced by Ubisoft: Hedera and the HBAR Foundation

Web3 GameFi devices for the Ubisoft brand have been formally paired with the HBAR Foundation and Hedera.

Ubisoft’s entrance into blockchain and Web3 technologies will not go unnoticed, as the company is a key thought leader in the gaming industry behind blockbusters like Rainbow Six Siege and the Far Cry franchise.

That means Ubisoft will begin operating a network node in order to validate more transactions on the Hedera network with the use of massive computer power from Ubisoft.

Working with Ubisoft, the Hedera track in Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Labs will provide funding, workshops, development support, and on-demand assistance for promising projects and start-ups to bring GameFi products to market.

Ubisoft’s Hedera is intended to open the door to GameFi adoption.
Director of the HBAR Foundation’s consumer engagement fund Alex Russman spoke exclusively to Coin Rivet about the new partnership’s significance and scope of involvement.

“It is a testament to the strength of our cooperation with Ubisoft and the HBAR Foundation’s role in defining Web3 gaming that both Hedera Hashgraph and the HBAR Foundation were accepted into the Ubisoft Entrepreneur Lab,” said Russman, CEO of the HBAR Foundation.

Developed by Dr Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon with the goal of low energy consumption and high transaction speed, Hedera is perfectly positioned to unleash the blockchain potential across a range of businesses.

Boeing, EDF, Google, and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) are among the HBAR Foundation’s Hedera Governing Council’s key sponsors.


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