TrustMining Launches Pro Plan With Increased Revenue Earning Potential

TrustMining, a cloud mining company, is suitable for small investors because it just takes a minimal amount of money to get started mining. It performs all mining on behalf of the investor in order to allow users to enter the crypto market rapidly and without paying any upfront costs. TrustMining currently supports SHA256, Ethash, and Equihash hashes.

The Pro Plan from TrustMining has been introduced after providing investors with passive income for the past three years all around the world. Pro Plan is a High Yield, Long-Term Investment that combines compound interest and bitcoin mining. It’s for individuals looking for more efficient ways to turn their initial investment into a strategic and continuous source of income rather than just a little profit.

A miner’s monthly income is automatically added to an investor’s PRO plan on a daily basis, enhancing the miner’s value. As a result, the miner’s hash rate improves, and as a result, the quantity of daily currency generated increases.

When we compare TrustMining’s ROI to that of other mining platforms like BeMine and Chickenfast, it’s evident that TrustMining is the clear winner. Consider the return on investment for a $1,000 investment in any of the platforms listed above. The following is the monthly income:


TrustMining: 174 TrustMining: 174 TrustMining: 174 TrustMining:

Chickenfast is a 120-minute meal.

114 BeMine is an acronym for “BeMine” and “BeMine” is a

Trustmining, without a doubt, provides the finest return on investment in the cloud mining market. But it doesn’t stop there; the PRO plan will boost investors’ returns even further. Now it’s time to figure out how it works.

As an example, consider a $1,000 miner. Every day, this miner earns roughly $4.5. It will make $4.5 per day without the PRO plan, but will be worth $4.5 more on the second day of operation with the PRO plan. In a year, a normal miner receiving the stipulated 33% incentive will only make $2196. The Pro Plan miner will make $ 1962 more than the non-Pro Plan miner, or an 89 percent increase in profit. For the miner’s convenience, TrustMining offers three PRO plans with validity periods of 6, 12, and 18 months.


Earnings from compound interest:

  • 6 months: 1169 dollars
  • 4158$ for a period of 12 months
  • 10681$ for a period of 18 months


Withdrawals from PRO plans that are made too soon:

The rules for withdrawals prior to the validity have been fully stated by the mining company. Profit from the PRO plan cannot be withdrawn before the miner’s contract expires on the PRO plan’s related expiry date. It does, however, allow a miner to request a withdrawal of their gains in unusual circumstances:

The miner’s profits will be adjusted as normal miner earnings if an active pro plan is no longer active. The miner, on the other hand, will stick to his normal schedule. If the miner is linked to the pro plan after the money withdrawal request is accepted, compound interest will be accumulated based on the original investment amount.



Compound interest will be paid to miners as their investment grows in value year after year. When a profit is made on an investment, the profit is multiplied by the earnings obtained. It’s a simple concept, yet it has enormous potential. The more time miners devote to their assets, the faster they will grow in value.


Concerning TrustMining:

TrustMining is a cloud crypto mining and investment company that makes it simple to earn passive income without the need for a large upfront investment or technical expertise. It offers a variety of contract alternatives and employs the greatest profit-generating strategy in the industry.


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Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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