Today’s biggest Metaverse crypto coin gainer is Spheroid Universe (SPH), Price up 90%

Spheroid Universe (SPH) is the top Metaverse crypto coin acquiring the most value today on CoinMarketCap, with a price increase of almost 90%. SPH was last mentioned in our article Top 5 Metaverse Crypto Coins Under $0.05 to Watch in 2022 two days ago. Let’s take a closer look at Spheroid Universe and the SPH token to discover why the price is so high today.

What Is SPH (Spheroid Universe)?

Spheroid Universe (SPH) is a platform for producing extended reality projects that was launched in March 2021. The Spheroid XR Cloud and the Spheroid Script programming language make it simple for users and developers to construct AR/XR apps.

Spaces, which are pieces of land portrayed as NFTs, are part of the platform. Users can earn advertising revenue from specific places throughout the world through Spaces, rewarding them to engage in the Spheroid Universe ecosystem.

The leading XR (extended reality) Metaverse project, Spheroid Universe, features a unique Land/NFT marketplace that allows users to browse through numerous 3D plots of land. Users can install adverts on a specific Land after purchasing it, generating a passive revenue.

Over 300,000 spots have been sold as of this writing, demonstrating the project’s great demand and widespread community support.

Spheroid Universe’s XR/AR programming language, Spheroid Scripts, is another selling point. The scripting language makes it simple for users to construct cross-platform extended reality apps. It enables developers to create XR products with less code and to run apps on different platforms such as iOS and Android.

Last but not least, Spheroid Universe offers Demiurge IDE, a cloud-based development environment. Demiurge allows you to design and animate digital environments. It also provides real-time log streaming and debugging data from the device to the IDE, making AR app development simple and straightforward.

SPH is the platform’s native token, which allows users to interact with the Spheroid Universe ecosystem and serves as the platform’s principal utility asset.


Why is the price of Spheroid Universe increasing?

Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that AI is “the key to unlocking the Metaverse.” This suggests that AI and AR-based apps will be at the forefront of the future Metaverse’s development.

Spheroid Universe perfectly fits the bill, since their XR Hub applications used AI to recreate existing structures using video footage that anyone may contribute to the Spheroid Cloud.

By activating Spheroid Earth in the XR Hub App, you can now digitise an architectural building. Start recording data by pressing the “Start reconstruction” button.

To receive the greatest reconstructive results and gain awards, simply follow the simple instructions on the app.

Spheroid Universe is currently one of the most undervalued Metaverse crypto coins available. Given that they have a fully functional product and an ever-expanding ecosystem, the present market capitalization of $3.8 million indicates that this project is currently undervalued.

The two exchanges that presently have the most trading volume for SPH are LATOKEN and Uniswap, and you may buy the token from either of them. SPH is also accessible on ShibaSwap, and if you’re seeking for the best deals, SPH on the 1inch Liquidity Protocol is the way to go.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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