To foster mass use, a new mainnet connects blockchain to the physical world

Only 5% of the world is aware of blockchain’s utility, with the remaining 95% not on-chain.

Looking back on the 1990s, we live in a very different period than when the internet was thought to be a “fad.” Many people were abandoning the Internet at this time because to its exorbitant access fees, and opponents expressed their disbelief of the system’s limits.

Given how much the internet has altered how the world does business, interacts with one another, and overall enhances the quality of life, many people are ready to mock these forecasts. They do not, however, find a similar comparison in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries today. Skeptics claim that the business is currently overhyped, and that as a result, they are unable to envision the possibilities that this new technology could open up for ordinary people.

As humans’ natural response is anxiety and terror, these technological advances are now expected, if not predicted. As history repeats itself, it’ll only be a matter of time before blockchain, like its predecessor, the internet, takes over the globe and family members start asking for help with their nonfungible tokens (NFTs) instead of publishing a Facebook post. Only a clear utility and a well-defined advantage to the public are missing.

Ekta is on a mission to connect blockchain technology to the actual world by imagining a future in which cryptocurrency, DeFi, and NFTs, like smartphones and the internet, demonstrate their utility to the public. As a result, Ekta only works on initiatives and collaborates with companies who share their vision for the future.

Only about 5% of the global population is aware of the advantages of blockchain, the majority of whom are cryptocurrency holders. According to this estimate, 95% of the globe has yet to appreciate the value of technology in their own life, making this segment the focus of Ekta’s efforts.

Getting over the chasm

To achieve this 95 percent, the Ekta team has developed their own blockchain mainnet. As a result, the EktaChain, which includes MetaTrees, has been the foundation for a number of projects with real-world applications.

The Ekta team’s initial project is MetaTrees, which aims to create a metaverse (also known as the EktaVerse). The Ektaverse is built around NFT DeFi gaming, which results in real-world reforestation and carbon credit. Ekta intends to demonstrate that the metaverse concept may give real-world benefits with the introduction of this initiative. It will be Ekta’s first foray into the metaverse, releasing its NFTs in early Q2.

Ekta’s Real Estate NFT, which runs alongside the MetaTrees project, is a platform that will efficiently connect the real estate market to the world of digital assets. With the establishment of this platform, those who do not have access to funds to engage in real estate, as well as experienced investors, can now participate in the market for as little as $200.

Other significant initiatives include the Ekta NFT Marketplace, which has been dubbed the “Amazon of NFT projects,” and HYBEX, a hybrid exchange that combines the functions of a decentralised exchange (DEX) and a centralised exchange (CEX).

Ekta’s functionality is further enhanced by a number of new partner projects. Ekta facilitates the minting of conventional military challenge coins in collaboration with HAVE NFT, which connect Veterans to support opportunities in a real-world use case and provide holders with privileged access to the Ekta ecosystem. The Marine Bulldog will be the first NFT to launch in early March, and the whitelist is now open.

DeeDee VC, for example, is an initiative that is decentralising the Venture Capital (VC) business by allowing small capital investors to participate in the development potential of early-stage investments. EntBlock Ekta Gaming Technology delivers an NFT lottery system on the gaming side. Even if you don’t win the lottery, each NFT ticket can be staked for passive revenue, allowing you to generate money even if you don’t win.

Advancing blockchain technology

Ekta is positioning itself to continue making noise in the blockchain world, especially with a current total value locked (TVL) of over $125 million and still developing, thanks to the successful launch of the EKTA token and EktaChain mainnet, as well as diverse partnerships and projects planned to launch at the end of Q2 2022.

The imminent LBank listing of EKTA native token, which is already listed on SushiSwap (SUSHI) and Probit (PROBIT), is a watershed moment for the up-and-coming blockchain mainnet.

Berwin Tanco, the Cofounder and CEO of Ekta shares, expressed his satisfaction with their progress thus far.

“We are dedicated to our credo of profit with a purpose, and to ensuring that Ekta holders feel good about investing in good companies that do good in the world. This is how we’ll help bring blockchain, as well as all the services and technologies that stem from it, into mainstream use and adoption.”


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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