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The World Mobile Token is now available on KuCoin (WMT)

  • The WMT/USDT trading pair and the Cardano network are both supported.
  • There are two billion WMT coins in circulation.
  • The utility token was intended to bring the unconnected together and to provide banking to the unbanked.

World Mobile Token (WMT) is now accessible on KuCoin (KCS/USD), with the WMT/USDT trading pair supported, according to the exchange. Deposits take effect right away. The Cardano network (ADA/USD) is supported.

On February 23, trading will begin.

Trading will begin at 10:00 a.m. UTC on Wednesday, February 23rd, and withdrawals will begin at 10:00 a.m. UTC on February 24th.

Specifications of the project

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There are two billion WMT coins in circulation. There are just under 230 million WMT in circulation. The following are some additional details:

  • Market capitalization: $205,527,053
  • Date of issue: December 23, 2021
  • ADA is the consensus protocol.
  • $2,337,613 in 24 hour trading volume

World Mobile Chain Information

WMC is the native token of a blockchain-based technology that enables a telecoms infrastructure sharing economy. The utility token was intended to bring the unconnected together and to provide banking to the unbanked.

Digital exclusion is a huge issue, with roughly 4 billion individuals left offline. World Mobile Chain will deliver a new, scalable network in Africa and beyond in collaboration with Input Output.

It’s on a mission to relaunch the sharing economy, revamp telecommunications, and usher in a new era.

There are three layers of nodes.

The suggested network model (World Mobile Chain) has three tiers of nodes: Earth Nodes, Air Nodes, and Aether Nodes.

Authentication, identification, blockchain, internode connectivity, and telecommunications services are all provided by Earth Nodes.

Air Nodes give users with coverage and Internet connection. The connection to legacy telecommunications operators is provided via Aether Nodes.

Rating method for quality

The network has a node quality rating system in place, which is used throughout the solution as a source of information for quality management and node operator incentives.

Local latency between nodes, jitter checks, packet loss, upload and download speed tests, node uptime, and a variety of other metrics are among the historic quality and health check criteria.

A “Historic Grade” is a designation given to a piece of historical significance.

The node grading system saves all previously scored grades for each node identifiable by a hardware fingerprint in order to calculate the “Historic Grade,” which will be utilised as a weight in the random selection alongside “Today’s Grade,” the most recent health check and communication results.


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