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The Web3 platform integrates Circle’s payment technology with a social commerce app

The platform was created in 2018 by John Legend and a group of Silicon Valley technology entrepreneurs.

Platform for web-based infrastructure Our Happy Company has announced that their inaugural product, OurSong — a social commerce mobile application that enables digital creators to monetize their work and grow their communities through the use of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) — will leverage Circle’s established payment infrastructure to drive demand in the creator economy.

Our Happy Company was founded in July 2018 by internationally renowned musician John Legend — who serves as the company’s chief impact officer — and numerous pioneering technology entrepreneurs, including co-founder and CEO of KKCompany, Chris Lin, co-founder of Twitch, and Kevin Lin. The network quietly debuted OurSong, its first product offering, in February.

Chris Lin, CEO of Our Happy Company, stated in the company’s official news release that they intend to “democratize NFTs for the masses.” According to Lin, this aim “begins with one of the most significant hurdles for new users: navigating a difficult process to purchase your first digital collectable.”

“By bringing Circle’s infrastructure into OurSong, we’re making creating or buying your first NFT as simple and straightforward as purchasing a digital album or placing your next delivery order.”

The marketplace, which is based on the Ethereum-based multi-token standard ERC-1155, supports the purchasing, selling, and exchange of NFT cards known as Vibes via its native digital asset OurSong Dollar (OSD). Users can then purchase any of the NFTs offered on the marketplace without using typical fiat payment methods such as debit or credit cards.

OurSong, which features a user experience similar to that of TikTok and other bottomless-scroll social platforms, offers a curated selection of topics tailored to the user’s interaction desire, as well as a beta augmented reality capability for asset owners.

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