The use of blockchain in China’s courts improves evidence collection

It is being considered by China’s judicial system if blockchain technology can be used to better its online smart court system, as well as to facilitate information sharing and evidence filing.

Chinese courts will be able to authenticate and identify evidence provided through a blockchain-powered platform, according to a set of guidelines announced on Tuesday by the country’s highest court.

Guangzhou, China’s southeastern Guangdong province, began using the blockchain system last year in a financing dispute case in which some evidence filing and cross-examination took place online. The case was the first in which a blockchain system was used.

In the past, more courts in various places in China have implemented blockchain technology to aid in the facilitation of legal proceedings.

Numerous courts in at least seven different locations, including the harbour city of Hangzhou and the capital Beijing, have joined Guangzhou in adopting blockchain technology for evidence preservation.

As a result of President Xi Jinping’s designation of blockchain as a “national priority,” China has been among the first countries to incorporate the technology into the legal system.

As early as September 2018, China’s Supreme Court acknowledged blockchain technology as a valid method of collecting, storing, and securing data that is both secure and tamper-proof.


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