The Sandbox is the second most-Googled NFT collection after Axie Infinity

It has been confirmed that Axie Infinity is the most searched NFT collection, with a total of 3.86 million global searches per month, representing a more than fivefold rise in searches since the end of 2021.

The Sandbox is the second most googled NFT, with 553,000 global searches per month, according to Google statistics.
NBA Top Shot comes in third with 477,000 monthly global searches, according to Google.

Axie Infinity has been identified as the most sought-after NFT (non-fungible token) collection in the world, according to Google Trends.


According to the amount of times per month that they were searched on Google, the creative resource Design Bundles investigated the most sought-after non-traditional technologies (NFTs). According to a press release provided with Finbold, Axie Infinity was the most popular search engine, receiving 3.86 million monthly global searches.


Since late 2021, the number of searches for “NFT” has increased by about fivefold, averaging 5.1 million hits each month on a global scale. This is a nearly fivefold increase from the previous year. Because of recent attention from celebrities and the media, the trading resource has been dubbed the “new cryptocurrency.”


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