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The RPG blockchain game rewrites the rules by allowing the community to take control

The gaming business is undergoing a transformation, with companies attempting to rewrite established regulations with web 3.0.

Video games are more than just entertainment; they are frequently the foundation for thriving communities, many of which are underappreciated for their contributions. With the emergence of blockchain technology, a new type of games has emerged that engage players through enjoyment, competition, and building while simultaneously including them as stakeholders and investors.

The play-to-earn approach uses NFTs and Web 3.0 to ensure that active community members are appropriately compensated for their contributions to gameplay. This is frequently accomplished by allowing builders and users to hold tokens with value both within and outside the game, allowing players to reap the full advantages of their labor.

Jam City, a team with strong experience in game economy design, lead by Chris DeWolfe, the former MySpace co-founder and CEO, is one of the award-winning developers employing the play-to-earn concept. Jam City has earned a name for themselves as the creative force behind a number of high-grossing titles, with over $2.5 billion in lifetime sales. Their company of over 1200 employees has now pooled their resources, dipping their toes into the nonfungible token (NFT) market with Champions: Ascension, a community-driven blockchain game.

“Jam City has been a trailblazer for over 12 years by emphasizing a player-first mentality. This necessitates a relentless focus on engaging game design, stunning art, rich narrative, fresh, exciting, and continuous content updates, and a broad skill set in economy design on our teams’ part. “We’ll set Champions: Ascension apart in the blockchain sector by executing on these areas that elevate our players beyond all else,” Chris DeWolfe said of their blockchain section.

Prime Eternals, a group of high-fidelity NFT Champions who are both invincible to death and infused with divine power, are now available in Jam City’s player-driven environment. The project has since announced a presale with a restricted drop of 10,000 Prime Eternals NFTs in a 24-hour whitelist-only private sale on February 24, with over 1,000 Prime Eternals minted in the first hour.

In a world dominated by conflict,

The first 10,000 Prime Eternal NFTs will be minted only once. The biggest in-game earning potential, as well as other privileges like special gear, early access to early version games, and open communication lines with gaming developers via Discord, are available to Prime Eternal holders. By claiming a portion of the collection, users will be able to hold a piece of a growing fantasy world.

The game is described as a blockchain role-playing game set in the fictional land of Massina. Players are encouraged to gather and train Champions for gladiatorial fight in the hopes of bringing glory to the hallowed arenas of a civilization fashioned by conflict. Players are claimed to be pitted against one another in terrible battles that would determine their fate, with the possibility of thriving as an everlasting rather than being forgotten in the Ministry of Bone.

Champions: Ascension continues to focus on providing maximum enjoyment for players through immersive gameplay, as they engage in strategic, high-stakes decision-making while outsmarting their opponents.

The game’s accessibility, rather than the rich storylines, is arguably more amazing. Champions will be released across several platforms by the Jam City team, allowing all players to participate, even if they aren’t bitcoin specialists.

Using community to change the game

Jam City divides Champions into tiers based on their earning potential and access to items in the game. Players may be able to build structures and create fight gear in future versions, allowing them to increase their collections.

Following the launch of the game, Champions: Ascension will shift its focus to engaging and innovative staking mechanisms in order to keep the community involved and invested in the project’s vision. All updates will be available on the team’s official product roadmap, as a seasoned game publisher.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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