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The Olive Corporation May Be the Next Big Thing in Crypto, Metaverse, and Food

Everyone would agree that the metaverse is a fascinating concept that would only grow in popularity over time. Even now, other worldwide corporations from diverse backgrounds have become involved with the metaverse, like Samsung, Emirates Airlines, and even JPMorgan, indicating that this concept is not going away anytime soon.

As such, the Olive Corporation’s metaverse platform is best understood as an efficient communication environment that generates and shares anything users imagine via 3D Avatar and Playground services, enabling everyone to enjoy a diverse range of experiences, services, and features. By delivering point integration services within the ecosystem, Olive Corporation wants to strengthen its business model and generate a consistent stream of revenue for clients.

Additionally, Olive is building a metaverse that will begin with colleges, which are critical customers for the MZ generation. The goal is to increase OLIVE token adoption and to expand the global ecosystem by integrating the school metaverse and Olive Wallet Web.


How does it function?

Olive develops a point integration solution that utilises a blockchain-based metaverse platform and a point-only bank to enable clients to spend points freely within it. There are also distinct locations, such as the Playground, where users can participate freely in various quests, themes, and other facets of the metaverse. Offline content is also available, and this part comprises content that may be used to generate and encourage interest in platforms, thereby improving the brand’s overall image and reputation.

Finally, there is the Integrated Points Service. Olive strives to serve consumers’ convenience and promote synergy among online delivery food firms by allowing membership points supplied by each business to be actively used without causing meaningless extinction.

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What about collaborations, accomplishments, and future objectives?

BBQ Olive’s representative F&B chain partner in Vietnam is Olive’s abroad business, which is responsible for global sales of BBQ, Korea’s #1 chicken brand. Additionally, the team has formed partnerships with AC CAPITAL and five other international venture capital firms. Olive is in negotiations with over 100 renowned franchise groups to execute business agreements by the end of 2022 for F&B partners.

Olive’s previous accomplishments include business relationships with ten food and beverage companies, including BBQ, venture capital firms, and numerous institutions, as well as the creation of Olive Wallet 1.0. Additionally, the team intends to develop a metaverse platform that may be connected to a variety of other platforms.

In terms of future objectives, Olive aspires to emulate the sales strategies of brands controlled by F&B companies with which it has mutually beneficial relationships. The goal is to provide tangible benefits to customers by boosting the distribution of Olive points in response to consumer purchases throughout the event period and by offering promotional side menus of F&B brands ordered by users. The team feels that these activities will aid in safeguarding customers’ points and promoting the various ways in which consumers can spend their points.

The primary purpose, however, is to promote meal provision in order to increase client happiness. The following critical duty is to secure points and customers through the introduction of financial mechanisms such as deposits and instalment savings.


After all, is it worthwhile?

Finally, what a fantastic idea it would be to allow users to exchange their valued points for Olive tokens at over 3,000 BBQ locations worldwide, including Korea, the United States, and Europe. That is how the Olive initiative began.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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