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The Interstellar Enigma diamond was sold for $4.5 million in cryptocurrency

For years, scientists have been puzzled by how the carbonade diamond came to be. It contains precious metals that can only be found in meteorites, which are space rocks.

A 555-carat diamond with unknown origins has sold for $4.5 million in cryptocurrency at a Sotheby’s auction. It is thought to be billions of years old.

Geologists aren’t sure where the diamond came from. It’s still not clear whether it came from space or was formed in the earth’s mantle. The diamond is known for its black appearance with lots of holes that can be seen.

The carbonade diamond can only be found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. That makes this carbonade diamond even more mysterious because it has a lot of different metals in it, like the mineral osbornite, which is found in meteorites.

People on Twitter named Richard Heart as the diamond’s owner, but Sotheby’s didn’t say who bought the diamond, but he said he was the owner.

If you asked Sotheby for comment at the time of this writing, they didn’t respond.

They said that the diamond was either made by meteoric impacts or by “supernovae explosions that formed diamond-bearing asteroids which eventually collided with the Earth,” which is how the auction house said it came to be.

It’s said that Stephen Haggerty, a professor at Florida International University, doesn’t think there’s any good evidence that it came from the earth. Then, he said:

“There has not been a single, scientifically sound alternative to the [extraterrestrial] origin of carbonado,”

If you want to buy something at a high-end auction house, you’ll be able to pay for it with crypto in October 2021. In June 2021, Lloyds Auctions, an auction house in Australia, said it would start taking Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos as payment. In September, the auctioneer sold Colin McRae’s long-lost rally car for $360,000 worth of BTC.

Beeple’s NFT was sold by Christie’s, a well-known auction house. It sold for $69 million in Ether, which was paid for with money (ETH). Since then, more auction houses have joined in. Cryptocurrency has become more popular as a hassle-free way to pay.

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