The GameFi business has released a slew of useful NFTs, ranging from game passes to money-making chances

For crypto and blockchain to become the future, access to cryptocurrency must be decentralized.

Cryptocurrency gaming has already shifted the public’s perspective of the sector from one based on entertainment to one based on profit. Unfortunately, because of the high barriers to entry for new players, much of the potential remains untapped. The apparent knowledge gap required to participate in the bitcoin sector, associated wallets, and navigating uncharted platforms are just a few examples. On the other hand, players interested in trying out a new gameplay model have been put off by the early fees.

As a result, a decentralized society intended for the general public is tilted toward a small set of people with a specific level of education and average income. According to recent statistics, there is also a big gender problem, as the majority of bitcoin investors are men. As a result, something must be done to level the playing field for the rest of the globe if mass acceptance is to occur.

The company behind Ethlas has emerged with the objective of bridging the next billion consumers into the crypto metaverse, similar to how Robinhood simplified the process of investing for retail traders. Ethlas gives the globe their first taste of free-to-play and play-to-earn gaming by creating a one-stop casual games platform.

Yield Guild Games (SEA), Infinity Ventures Crypto, Sequoia Capital India, and officials from CoinMarketCap and Coinbase are among the investors in Ethlas. Since then, the project has published its genesis series of Komo NFTs, which went live on March 2 and include a wide range of in-game features such as generative art, higher revenue, and exclusive access to casual and battle-based gaming. The project is based on Polygon (MATIC), and it now has over 130,000 crypto wallet users worldwide, with over 3 million gameplays since January.

NFTs are being dispatched to wander.

According to legend, the Komo Gods dispatched 8337 one-of-a-kind NFTs to Ethlas with the objective of finding games and rare stones. Each Komo NFT is based on the Indonesian Komodo Dragon and is intended to help gamers and cryptocurrency users. As new game releases become available, NFTs can be equipped with elemental NFTs to unlock even more skills, maps, and special missions.

“Two special Ethlas games are available with Komo NFTs. Komo Cup is a high-stakes casual game in which the winner of the daily tournament can receive a prize pot of up to $10,000. Komo Klash, a turn-based battle strategy game in which players build sets of three Komos and compete in various game modes to earn the prize money, was released shortly after “The group collaborates.

The process of minting brings these NFTs to life. In actuality, users must pay the mint price of 30,000 XGEMs ($350 at press time), which can be obtained by exchanging MATIC directly through QuikSwap (QUICK). Parties who have funds must go to the official Ethlas website on the mint day. The public sale will begin on March 2 and will be open to all players.

Joining the 2,000-spot whitelist gives early adopters an extra edge. By reserving a seat, participants will be able to get their Komo NFTs earlier and at a lower cost.

Dismantling barriers

The Ethlas community now has over 36,000 members on Discord, a rapidly increasing group that is reported to be driving the project’s ambitions to become a game hosting platform. Over the following 12 months, gamers can expect more advanced gameplay, such as running tournaments and participating in influencer-hosted prize pot bouts.

According to the project’s official roadmap, traditional games will be integrated with Ethlas’ existing crypto rewards platform, expanding the game choices.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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