The former Manchester United players will launch a DAO

It’s not the first time the Singapore billionaire duo has partnered with Cristiano Ronaldo to produce an authorised product.

An unprecedented DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) featuring Gary Neville and Paul Scholes, two former Manchester United greats, will allow sports fans to invest alongside these luminaries.

CO92 DAO, named after the famed 1992 team, would be a sports investment DAO that focuses on soccer-related businesses and projects. The DAO was founded by the two soccer legends, along with billionaire Peter Lim of Singapore and his son Kiat Lim.

As Kiat Lim explained, “We are currently already exploring a range of professional football project prospects and will announce advancements in the months ahead.”.

The father-son team’s second foray into blockchain sports would be a huge accomplishment. g ZujuGP, a digital platform endorsing Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo, has also been launched. In addition to their ownership of Valencia C.F. and Salford City F.C., the wealthy duo has a particular interest in sports, which is reflected in their ownership of these two football clubs.

Details of the project have not yet been made public, but Bloomberg reports that it will shortly go on sale to the general public. Neville and Scholes would be part of the management team, as well as former teammates Nicky Butt and Ryan Giggs. DAOs will be used by the football-focused enterprise to make sports ownership more accessible to the general public.

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