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The First Post-Merge Fork of Ethereum Takes Form: What Is Shanghai?

Ethereum (ETH) developer and researcher Tim Beiko shares All Core Devs update to cover the second cryptocurrency’s agenda and its community

In a detailed development update, Mr. Beiko shared the latest news about multi-client Kintsugi and briefly described the EIPs of Ethereum’s first hardfork in the post-merge era.

Kintsugi will be sunset, Klin is on the menu

According to the blog post shared by Mr. Beiko on, the testing of post-merge Ethereum (ETH) specifications on Kintsugi testnet is going as intended

A number of bugs was found in API specifications and hash disclosure logics. The latter one was fixed immediately, while Engine API improvements will be included in the latest releases.

For both upgrades, purpose-made short-lived devnets will be activated. The “polished” Kintsugi will be replaced by Ethereum’s next testnet, Klin.

Mr. Beiko stated that Ethereum devs interested in experiments with Kintsugi should hurry. Klin will be the last “new” testnet, while the next ones will be started by forking existing software.

Fees optimization, UX improvement, advanced EVM: Welcome to Ethereum Shanghai


The next All Core Devs (ACD) call will take place on Feb. 11, 2022; Ethereans will discuss the results of Kintsugi and the prospects of Klin for research and development.

Mr. Beiko also described the first post-merge Ethereum upgrade, Shanghai. (The Ethereum Foundation decided to drop the ETH1/ETH2 terminology for good.)

The most crucial EIPs will address the implementation of new EVM functionality and various UX improvements set to reduce gas costs for end users.

Also, with the BLS Precompiles module, native execution of BLS operations by Ethereum Virtual Machine will be activated.


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