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The Files of Victoria’s Secret Applications for Metaverse-Related Trademarks

Victoria’s Secret, the well-known designer lingerie company, has filed a slew of trademark patents, implying that the company is ready to sell its wares in the metaverse. Mike Kondoudis, a trademark attorney, made the announcement, stating that these actions could be the first step for the company to present their products using blockchain technology, indicating the use of NFTs.

Victoria’s Secret is making its way into the metaverse

Another major fashion brand is focusing on the opportunities that the metaverse and the use of NFTs present to businesses. The world-famous lingerie company Victoria’s Secret has reportedly taken the first steps toward offering services and products related to its brand in the metaverse. According to trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, the company filed three trademark applications related to the use of the brand in virtual worlds.

One of the trademark applications registers the use of the Victoria’s Secret brand in the following areas: Downloadable virtual goods, namely computer programs for the creation and trade of digital collectibles using blockchain-based consensus protocols and smart contracts, featuring information, photos, images, videos, recorded footage, highlights, and experiences in the field of fashion, clothing, fashion accessories, and style. This implies that the company may intend to sell its designs as NFTs on various metaverse platforms.

In the Metaverse, Fashion and Business

More and more companies are investigating metaverse opportunities and how to take their products and services there. Other fashion and apparel companies, such as Ralph Lauren and Gucci, are actively pursuing the metaverse as a key market. Gucci has even purchased an undisclosed amount of land in Decentraland, a metaverse platform, to provide users with a virtual fashion experience.

Dolce and Gabbana is another of these fashion houses that has dabbled in the NFT and metaverse. The brand sold an NFT collection in September, netting $5.7 million in ether at the time.

Other companies that are not associated with fashion products are also venturing into the metaverse. Just last week, McDonald’s, one of the world’s largest fast-food franchises, registered ten trademarks implying the establishment of virtual restaurants to sell its products in the metaverse.

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