Tech Legend Steve Wozniak Scammed Out of $70K in Bitcoin

Steve Wozniak

Macintosh fellow benefactor Steve Wozniak says he was the casualty of a bitcoin trick.

“The blockchain distinguishes who has bitcoins … that doesn’t mean there can’t be misrepresentation, however. I had seven bitcoins stolen from me through misrepresentation,” he apparently told the gathering of people at the Economic Times of India’s Global Business Summit this week.

“Some individual got them from me online through a charge card and they crossed out the Mastercard installment,” he went ahead to state. “It was that simple. What’s more, it was from a stolen Mastercard number so you can never get it back.”

Wozniak said he purchased the bitcoin when it was evaluated at $700, yet his misfortune would be esteemed at around $71,400 today.

In any case, Wozniak is as yet a digital money advocate, having kept up his bitcoin possessions up until toward the end of last year.

“Bitcoins to me was a money that was not controlled by the administrations. It is numerical, it is unadulterated, it can’t be adjusted,” Wozniak was cited as saying.

He uncovered in January that he chose to offer his bitcoin possessions since he was keen on the digital currency just as an investigation.

“I stated, ‘I would prefer not to end up one of those individuals that watches it, watches it and thinks about the number.’ I don’t need that sort of care in my life,” he clarified.


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