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Stillmark, a Bitcoin-focused venture capital firm, Hires Former Google X Engineer Vikash Singh

Singh joins the fund as a Principal Investor as the firm seeks to invest in Bitcoin-related businesses.

Stillmark, a significant investor in the Bitcoin Lightning network and Lightning infrastructure supplier Voltage, said today that it has appointed Vikash Singh, a former Google X engineer, as its lead investor.
Stillmark has raised $40 million to date, with the intention of investing in firms that make use of Bitcoin and the Lightning network.

Stillmark stated that their initial fund was twice oversubscribed.

Prior to joining Google X, Singh spent five years at Heal, a seed-stage healthtech business that leverages AI and deep learning.

Singh described Bitcoin as a “moonshot” technology that represents a fundamental progression of financial technology that levels the playing field for many individuals.

Singh wants Bitcoin to serve as a “solid foundation layer that enables people to create their own bank and be self-sufficient.”

In comparison to other cryptocurrencies, he claimed, it is a “clear winner in the race for money over the internet.”

The Lightning Network played a critical role in El Salvador recognising bitcoin as legal tender and making it available as a payment option alongside cash.


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