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Staking on Bitrue is now possible with Ethereum Killer Harmony (ONE) (BTR)

On Bitrue’s Power Piggy, ONE, a core native asset of Harmony’s high-performance smart contracts platform, makes its premiere.

Bitrue (BTR) has added Harmony (ONE) to its Power Piggy Yield Farming project, which will begin on March 4 with an enhanced APR.

Bitrue (BTR) is a multi-product cryptocurrency ecosystem that has gained a lot of traction in the XRP community. It has now released information on a big improvement to its stake dashboard tools.


Harmony (ONE) has been added to Bitrue’s Power Piggy.

According to the Bitrue (BTR) platform’s official statement, its staking programme, Power Piggy, now supports Harmony’s coin ONE.

Holders of ONE tokens can now earn a 7% annualised percentage rate by staking them (APR). With this update, Bitrue’s Power Piggy now has a total of more than 60 tokens available for staking.

The APR can be increased to 8.4 percent for holders of BTR tokens. For the initial phase of ONE staking, the net amount of prizes given is set at five million ONE.

With no predetermined lock-up times, a minimum of 10 ONE can be staked in Power Piggy.


On March 4, the Yield Farming programme with enhanced APR will begin.

Bitrue’s Power Piggy is a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to stake crypto assets in one place. It allows users to earn rewards for keeping various coins in Bitrue’s care on a regular basis.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, the programme went active. On Bitrue, APY rates for XRP and XLM tokens have just increased (BTR).


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