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Smart Contracts in Decentralized Gambling: A Beginner’s Guide

According to Trust Roll, traditional online casinos are a dangerous place to gamble, but decentralised gaming through the use of smart contracts is far safer.

Safety First

This article will describe the advantages of smart contract-based decentralised gaming over more traditional forms of online gambling. Regardless of your existing knowledge of blockchain or smart contracts, you will be able to grasp this.

Once a software is released, it cannot be tampered with by anyone since the rules are so explicit and obvious that no one can change them. You and the decentralised casino have equal authority, information, and control when you play decentralised gambling, unlike regular casinos. Because of this, the Trust Roll team feels they can offer a superior gambling platform.

The following are the main points addressed in this article:

  1. Why and how you can easily be scammed if you gamble your money in a conventional online casino.
  2. How smart contracts work (in a way that anybody can understand).
  3. Why decentralized online casinos are fundamentally more trustworthy than traditional online casinos.

Traditional Online Gambling Involve Risks

Gambling at a regular online casino carries a number of hazards. These dangers include, among others:

  1. You don’t know how the game works or if it even works because the game’s inner workings are kept private.
  2. You can never be sure if your money will be paid out or not.
  3. Because of a lack of transparency, you never know if the game you are playing is fair or not.

When you gamble at a decentralised casino, these dangers are greatly reduced because the casino is managed by smart contracts rather than by people or companies that may be interested in cheating you out of your money.

The casino serves as both a host and a decision-maker in a standard online casino. The casino is merely a host in a decentralised online casino. Decisions cannot be taken by it. The smart contract is the only decision-maker.

If you play at a traditional online casino, there is no guarantee that your money will not be stolen. Even having a stellar reputation does not insure success. Near-absolute assurances are provided by smart contracts.

As a result of using decentralised gambling apps such as Trust Roll, you are guaranteed:

  1. Trust: Trust the system because it is governed by smart contracts.
  2. Security: Your money is secured by the blockchain. Blockchain is one of the most secure technologies we have to date.
  3. Transparency and Fairness: The transaction is available for anyone to verify; therefore, there is transparency and fairness.

What Is the Process of Smart Contracts?

An understanding of smart contracts in an online casino begins with an understanding of smart contracts in general. A smart contract is essentially a piece of code. They are computer applications. Using the blockchain, a smart contract may be written and executed by anybody with access to the network.

Imagine a vending machine as a metaphor for a smart contract. Smart contracts, like vending machines, have three primary functions:

  1. They store certain rules.
  2. They verify the conditions of the rules.
  3. They self-execute without human involvement.

In order to make things more clear, let’s start by sketching up a rough drawing. A vending machine is a familiar sight to most people:

  1. You insert coins into a vending machine and select the item you wish to purchase.
  2. The vending machine verifies that you inserted the correct amount of money for the item you wish to purchase.
  3. If the amount of money you inserted in the vending machine is correct, it gives you the item you requested. No humans involved.

Primary Purpose

This is the simplest example of a smart contract in action. In a smart contract, the rules are saved. To begin with, there must be some sort of trigger. These are known as if-then rules. You can get the item you want from a vending machine if you put in exactly what it asks for: the precise amount of money.

Now, substitute “smart contract” for the term “vending machine.” An online casino like Trust Roll’s decentralised smart contract will payout your winnings when you win a specific game.


A smart contract verifies whether or not an event is scheduled to occur. The vending machine will check to see if you inserted $2 or not if the item you picked is priced at $2, for example. The machine will honour your request if you put in $2. In order for the machine to complete your request, you must insert $1. Insert $3, and the machine will give you the amount you requested, as well as any remaining change.

Now, substitute “smart contract” for “vending machine.” Assuming you are playing a game of dice using a smart contract in a decentralised online casino like Trust Roll: The smart contract will verify that you have rolled 3-3-3 if you are meant to win $100 by rolling dice at 3-3-3. Smart contracts will pay up winnings if you rolled a 3-3-3 on the dice. The smart contract will not pay you if you do not roll 3-3-3.


Smart contracts are self-executing. It can function without the involvement of a human being.

A vending machine would be a good example: Your item is delivered to your door once the vending machine certifies that you’ve entered enough money to purchase it. The vending machine doesn’t have a human inside of it that is performing the commands. Rules are programmed into the system, and it executes them without any help from the user.

Using a decentralised online casino such as Trust Roll’s smart contract this is: To receive your winnings, the smart contract must first verify that you have satisfied all of the game’s requirements. It does not require a human to approve or disapprove of a contractual agreement. The contract is self-executing, requiring no human intervention. Smart contracts are far more secure and trustworthy than a vending machine, though.

Trust and Decentralization

Is there any way to make the vending machine rigged now that you know how smart contracts work? Probably not. If a vending machine is owned by a firm, they may have an interest in tampering with it to their advantage. Conventional online casinos that do not employ blockchain technology follow the same principle.

Traditionally operated internet casinos can be rigged in many ways since they are controlled by organisations and individuals with a financial interest in doing so. Things can go awry in a variety of ways when humans are in charge of making decisions.

A smart contract cannot be rigged like a regular online casino or a vending machine since it is controlled by the blockchain rather than a firm or individual. Everything in a smart contract is decided by the software, not by humans.

Cryptocurrency and smart contracts both have two key features:


Smart contracts can’t be amended because they’re immutable. Nobody can alter a contract once it has been signed. As a result, the rules of the game cannot be altered by the casino.

It is impossible to alter the rules of a dice game if the payout is $100 if you roll three threes in a row. The game is impenetrable to cheating. There is no company or person (no matter how powerful they are) that can stop you from winning the money you have just won.

The code that makes up a smart contract can never be altered, even by the parties to the contract.

You never know what goes on behind the scenes in a regular casino. Everything is in the open in a decentralised blockchain casino.

By Any Means Verifiable

Distributed and decentralised smart contracts are the norm. Everyone on the network may verify the validity of the contract’s content and the validity of the contract’s validity.

A traditional online casino limits your interactions to the casino itself. Nobody has a clue as to what goes on in the shadows. There is a lot more information at the casino than you do. This means that the casino has more clout and leverage than you personally.

Nothing is hidden from view in a blockchain-based decentralised casino. Because everyone on the blockchain network is watching out for you, you are safe. You are not under the casino’s thumb. When it comes to knowledge, control, and power, both you and the casino are on an equal footing. The contract may be viewed and verified by anybody on the blockchain, not just the casino.

Using the Binance Smart Chain, the Trust Roll platform (BSC). BSC smart contracts may be verified by anybody, anywhere, at any time. Use BscScan to check the validity of Trust Roll games, for example.

Advantages of Smart Contract-based Decentralized Gambling

With the introduction of smart contracts to the gambling market, there is little reason to risk your money with a regular online casino where the processes are unclear.

When you’re putting your hard-earned money on the line, you always want to be well-informed and confident. Using smart contracts to gamble has a number of advantages.

  1. They cannot be manipulated by any one or any company once they have begun.
  2. They put you and the casino on equal footing, you hold the same amount of control, knowledge, and power as the casino.
  3. They are fully automated and are able to hold funds. No human can interfere in the process or hold your earnings (or losses) away from you, everything is fully automated by the software (smart contract).
  4. You can guarantee that you are not being scammed as everything is transparent and out in the open.
  5. You can remain anonymous.
  6. Everything is decentralized, no person, company, or government can interfere with the execution of the smart contract.

Take use of all of these advantages and wager with confidence using Trust Roll – a BSC-based decentralised gaming software.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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