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Samson Mow is leaving Blockstream to focus on ‘nation-state Bitcoin adoption.’

“Now is a critical juncture in Bitcoin’s evolution – we’re on the edge of broad adoption, and I believe I can accelerate that process,” Samson Mow said.

Samson Mow, Blockstream’s chief strategy officer, has announced his departure from the blockchain company after five years.

Following his dismissal from the Canada-based corporation where he had worked since April 2017, Mow stated he would continue to be a “#BlockstreamSpy” in a Tuesday Twitter thread. He claimed he would continue as CEO of Pixelmatic, a role that requires more “attention,” but that he hoped to focus on “nation-state Bitcoin acceptance” in the future.

“With things moving at breakneck pace in El Salvador, and more and more countries expressing interest in adopting #Bitcoin, I’ve realised that my daily time is simply not enough,” added Mow. “With @Blockstream in a strong position and well capitalised following a successful B round, it was time to move on.” It also feels like we’re at a critical juncture in #Bitcoin’s evolution – we’re on the edge of mass acceptance, and I believe I can accelerate that process.”

Mow was active in the development of a Bitcoin City in El Salvador. The project’s goal is to use geothermal energy from the country’s Conchagua volcano to power Bitcoin (BTC) mining in the innovative city that will be developed at the mountain’s base. A $1 million BTC price, according to Pixelmatic’s CEO, could help the Latin American country become “the financial centre of the globe.”

“It has an essential role to play in the reformation of the old financial system,” the now-former Blockstream chief strategy officer continued, adding that he will continue to “support and push” for Blockstream’s sidechain-based settlement network, Liquid. He previously served as the director of production and executive producer at Ubisoft and as the chief operational officer of BTCC, the crypto exchange powering one of the largest mining pools in the world at the time.

For many years, he has been a supporter of Bitcoin, Blockstream, and the El Salvador project, among other things. The complete list of some of the most powerful figures in the crypto and blockchain industries is now available.


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