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Ricardo Salinas, a Mexican billionaire, Visits El Salvador and Meets With Nayib Bukele

Ricardo Salinas, who has emerged as one of the most vocal champions of bitcoin, made the trek to El Salvador. The millionaire flew journalists Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert to the first country to legalize bitcoin as a form of payment. He met with President Bukele, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, and Samson Mow, among others. And, fortunately for us, Salinas captured the entire event on Twitter.

What can be gleaned from Mexico’s third wealthiest individual’s visit to El Salvador?

Ricardo Salinas Is Imprisoned By Max Keiser

The first video in the story shows Salinas joking in English as Keizer hands him a copy of “The Book of Max.” Take note of how a camera crew with a full complement of crew members passes them by. This journey was well chronicled.

Then, Keiser says that during the flight, Ricardo Salinas “outlined dozens of ways in which El Salvador’s new Bitcoin securities regulations (now pending in the assembly) can be leveraged to transform the country into a worldwide financial hub and significantly boost GDP.” His aptitude for business and finance is astounding. ” These economic and intellectual exchanges will ultimately help Salvadorans.

To Max’s acclaim, the millionaire remarked, “I’m a natural businessman… I’m constantly on the lookout for inclusive prosperity and liberty.” However, the President’s Communications Secretariat did not stop there in praising him. “Mexican businessman Ricardo Salinas has arrived. He is the founder and president of Grupo Salinas. He’s here El Salvador to learn about the opportunities that Bitcoin presents in a country where it is legal tender.”

“Thank you very much for the nice welcome,” the millionaire reacted to the Secretariat’s appreciation. It’s an honor for me to visit your country and continue my education regarding the use of Bitcoin as legal cash.”

The Reception in El Salvador

When the party arrives, Milena Mayorga, El Salvador’s Ambassador to the United States, will greet them. She’s had a busy week, having also met Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

Stacy Herbert, a podcaster, also shared a polished video of the party’s arrival. Max Keizer concludes with a few words of wisdom:

President Bukele Receives a Visit from Ricardo Salinas

The millionaire documented the meeting with photographs and a report. “Today, I was received at the presidential residence by El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele. I brought him “Mexico’s first map” and a balero, and he gave me a tangible Bitcoin.”

Then, the President himself uploaded another batch of images via Twitter. Ricardo Salinas went into detail in his response, “I am certain that only through freedom can we as a culture grow, and I am convinced that Bitcoin is the currency of liberty.”

Ricardo Salinas Makes a Volcano Mine Visit

Then it’s time for Samson Mow. The former Blockstream employee uploaded a photo of the pair in a chopper on their way to the bitcoin volcano mine. Ricardo Salinas also went into detail in his response, stating, “We will continue working in El Salvador because if we do not attempt to resolve it, no one will come to save us.”

Then, Salinas shared an aerial view of the whole geo plant. It’s remove the operation:

Not to be left behind, Max Keizer shared a video of him and Samson Mow arriving at the plant.

The journalist takes advantage of the moment to extol the virtues of volcano bonds. “These bonds are oversubscribed as the world scrambles for Bitcoin in the aftermath of the Russia/Ukraine war.”

Changpeng Zhao’s Lunch

All of these billionaires are making their way to El Salvador. Almost certainly nothing. Binance’s CEO and Ricardo Salinas did meet, as evidenced by the following photograph:

Of course, there was controversy. A Salvadoran politician named Anabel Belloso accused the Government of paying for fancy dinners and private flights. Ricardo Salinas responded by highlighting his company’s logo and the Mexican flag in his plane. And he shared a picture of a dinner in which all of this post’s protagonists were present except the President.

Which doesn’t mean that the Government didn’t spend public funds during those visits. However, receiving two potential billion-dollar investors is good business everywhere in the world. Plus, it’s a good sign.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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