Polygon and Cere Network’s DaVinci Web3 media platform will be launched

The DaVinci platform plans to provide benefits ranging from subscription NFTs and immersive creator exhibitions to digital and in-person fan events.

Polygon (MATIC), a Layer 2 scaling solution, and Cere Network, a Decentralized Data Cloud platform, or DDC, have announced the launch of their joint venture Web3 media platform, DaVinci. Their stated mission is to secure the storage of NFT-backed assets while also ensuring verifiable and truly decentralized data.

DaVinci is a direct content monetization platform for NFT-backed experiences that aims to facilitate both decentralized data transfers and NFT value transfers. The platform, which is powered by Cere’s DDC, allows personalized content streaming to NFT holders via smart contracts. It also makes use of Cere Freeport, Polygon’s NFT mining platform, to mint and sell functional NFTs that grant access to exclusive content.

Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder and COO of Polygon, stated in a statement that the capabilities of NFTs have only been scratched the surface.

“There is so much more that artists and fans can accomplish and access through DaVinci, which brings more of the potential of blockchain to mainstream consumers.” Artists and brands benefit from increased revenue from their unique content, while fans benefit from improved experiences and secure delivery of their assets.”

According to the company, some of the advantages that DaVinci’s platform hopes to provide creators include the guarantee of a share of royalties from any sale and a method for the continuous delivery of exclusive new content. Artists would also have access to audience research and analytics tools that would allow them to tailor their content to NFT holders and fans.

Polygon recently closed a $450 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital India to expand its scaling solutions. Polygon was also chosen to launch a Web3 social media protocol developed by Aave, the DeFi lending platform.


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