Polish Miner Commercializes Solar Bitcoin Mining, Heating Tech

Polish miner Pawe Wojciechowski started utilising photovoltaic (PV) modules to mine Bitcoin (BTC), allocating the excess heat to warm his household water. Wojciechowski chose to market his technology due to high demand.

Wojciechowski, who owns an IT firm in Gniezno, in western Poland, told Polish news site Onet.pl that he will sell consumers a smart boiler that harnesses heat generated by crypto mining equipment.

“You will need a plumber to do this, but the process is not complicated. This boiler needs to be connected to a device that generates heat. In my case, it is my cryptocurrency mining gear,” the miner said.

The miner’s bitcoin mining machine uses 38 kWh of electricity every day. In comparison, a typical refrigerator uses 0.8 kWh. Because bitcoin mining has increased his household’s energy use, Wojciechowski initially chose to install 31 solar panels on his roof, totaling 9.9 kW peak (kWp). He eventually chose to install the same number of panels for a 20 kWp system.

Wojciechowski says he has partnered with a heating solution manufacturer and an undisclosed foreign chemical business to develop his invention.

“This way, we have secured access to top-shelf experts and a chemical laboratory that we would never be able to build on our own,” according to the entrepreneur.

Wojciechowski said the partnership allowed his company to obtain a chemical agent for dipping crypto mining devices. The chemical is “safe for both electronic and human equipment.” The agent transfers the heat from the gear to the heating system, which distributes it throughout Wojciechowski’s home.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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