PancakeSwap Tips for $CAKE’s Future Use

A hint from the PancakeSwap team might be good news for $CAKE investors during a time when they’ve been rallying the changes.

$CAKE, I’m predicting a rise.

After introducing NFT utility and changing the mechanics of their Lottery service, PancakeSwap has hinted at the next modification they will make.

The PancakeSwap crew hinted at a redesign of their prediction game in a Tweet on February 5. Playing with $BNB had previously been the only option for users, but that may be about to change.

“Anyone fancy a new version of #PancakeSwap prediction game, but in $CAKE?” The team cheekily asked.

$CAKE, of course, would benefit from the transfer, which would allow it to be used in another popular PancakeSwap game. This was a long-standing request by players, and it looks that the team has heeded their pleas.


There are a flurry of modifications being implemented by Pancake Swap to better serve its users and increase the usability of its NFTs and native token in light of the shifting market mood.

It’s too early to tell how these latest developments will affect $CAKE’s price, which is presently trading at $8.05 on CoinMarketCap at the time of this writing. BSC News will keep an eye on the situation.

What is PancakeSwap?

Binance Smart Chain’s decentralised exchange PancakeSwap has the biggest volume of trading in the market. As opposed to Ethereum or Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain is used by PancakeSwap, a blockchain with significantly cheaper transaction costs. By using Syrup pools, the protocol allows users to safely cultivate yields while also charging lesser costs than other leading decentralised exchange platforms.

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