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OVR co-founder Diego Di Tommaso is going to talk about AR, Map2earn and more

OVR is an open-source, world-scale augmented reality platform powered by Ethereum. OVR allows users with a mobile device or smart glasses to participate in interactive augmented reality experiences that are customised in the real world.

OVR can be defined as a new standard in augmented reality experiences by positioning itself as the first content browser in which the world offers possible experiences depending on the user’s geographical location rather than the user choosing the contents. OVR follows the open source principle, which means that the whole OVR community contributes to its development, making the platform self-contained.

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theoretical philosophy and a master’s degree in business administration from SDA Bocconi / UCLA with a focus on finance. Diego has a lot of experience in the field of innovation management. He has spent over ten years in the fast fashion industry, rising through the ranks to the position of CEO. He has worked as a Senior Advisor on Strategy, Internationalization, and Open Innovation with PwC in recent years.

Diego is also a startup consultant and one of the creators of Unicorn Trainers, a new technology and startup assistance group. He has been a Keynote Speaker and organiser of various Blockchain events since 2014, with a particular interest in decentralised consensus processes. Co-founder and COO of OVR, a decentralised platform for the AR Metaverse, since 2018.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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