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‘Out of this world:’ Zynga’s blockchain exec thinks P2E gaming is very good.

Play-to-win games and blockchain could become even more popular in 2022, when popular game developer Zynga adds to its staff.

Zynga, the company that makes FarmVille and Words With Friends, is planning to make a blockchain game.

Marketer Matt Wolf has worked at EA and SEGA. He now works for Zynga, where he is the vice president of blockchain gaming. A lot of his “traditional gaming” experience is coming with him to play-to-earn games, so he’s setting up a new team (P2E).

Cointelegraph interviewed him and he said that P2E gaming has a lot of good people.

“Off the charts in terms of economics and traditional finance firepower; incredible people. Also, on the innovation side and on the technology side it’s off the charts.”

However, when he talked about the gamification features of NFT and P2E games, he said that many gamers thought that way. He said that the level of skill in gaming is “thin,” which is where Zynga’s credentials come in.

This is the company that makes popular “social” games that work well on mobile devices as well as when you’re on the go. FarmVille, CSR Racing, Words With Friends, and more are all Zynga games. They have more than 100 million regular users each quarter, and they feature on social media and offer multiplayer games to get people to play.


The P2E gaming space, on the other hand, has been a place where speculation has been more important than games.

Finally, Zynga’s move into P2E and NFTs could breathe new life into a space that has been dominated by low-quality graphics and good tokenomics.

According to Wolf, the game muscle of Zynga and the DeFi muscle of the DeFi muscle are getting stronger and stronger. Specialists with “that piece of the equation” are being hired more and more by the company. All in all, Zynga’s main goal is to make fun, value, and purpose-built games with stability and trust at the heart.

when he was asked if the anti-blockchain and anti-P2E sentiment could be a problem for a “traditional” game developer, Wolf didn’t get too worked up.

“As you look at the historical nature of the gaming community, you’ve witnessed folks standing on the sidelines and are resistant to change. They had the same sentiment when free-to-play was launched and you’re seeing much of that now.”

Wolf thinks that the “overall anti-blockchain sentiment” will eventually die down.

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