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On OpenSea and Dvision Marketplace, Dvision LANDs are sold out

Dvision has had another sell-off and has risen to the top of the main NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

Dvision LAND NFTs have sold out at the fastest rate on both the project’s own Dvision Marketplace and OpenSea, the industry’s largest NFT marketplace.

Following the primary auction, which was powered by the Polygon mainnet, the Dvision Network is now ranked second among the largest collections on OpenSea. Dvision Network NFT collection is currently in the top five weekly collections, with a total trading volume of about 335 ETH, or nearly $1,100,000.

Dvision’s LANDs will be connected to other mainnets via native bridges that Dvision is building to connect all of the networks and allow users can transfer non-fungible tokens across chains.

Dvision World is a vast world made up of Meta-Cities that produce Meta-Spaces that are managed by the project’s community. LANDowners are still in charge of personalising and supplementing their Meta-Spaces’ content.

Hearing, conferences, exhibitions, and other leisure services are among the features and benefits of each LAND NFT. LANDs might also be rented out to other artists, thus providing the LAND owner with additional money streams.

Dvision Network had already decided to incorporate the most valuable NFTs into its previously announced P2E model, which will reward their Metaverse users and contributors. Each Meta-LANDs City’s will be divided in a 40/40/20 ratio.

The 40/40/20 scheme is broken down.

Each Meta-City is divided into three large regions, each of which is owned by a different group: Users, Management, and the Infected Area. In order to boost the Metaverse’s play-to-earn philosophy, the diseased region comprises 40% of the total accessible LAND.

Users will be able to use their avatars and pets in battle mode to kill NPCs and earn more EXP. Users will be eligible for DVI awards if they cleanse each LAND, which will be equal to their contribution process.

The remaining 40% will be donated to the Land Sale. The virtual estate’s leftover space can be used to create innovative and one-of-a-kind content. The Dvision Metaverse enables the construction of the most daring use cases, such as a Squid Game rip-off or any other game activity.

The remaining 20% of each Meta-terrain City’s will be given to the Dvision team, who will use the proceeds to assign the LAND to their partners for branded content and to improve the user experience by reserving some space for future use cases.


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