On Cardano, Invezz has released the first ever hunting Metaverse

As Invezz discovered through the company’s press release, Metashooter has released the first first decentralised blockchain-based hunting Metaverse on Cardano (ADA/USD).

With the addition of virtual reality compatibility, hunters will be able to play tournaments and enjoy breathtaking visuals while completing trophy collections as well as breeding NFT puppies. They will also get token awards when they win.

Stunning visuals and dynamic surroundings On the platform, users will be treated to lifelike dynamics, a variety of settings, and spectacular aesthetics. Hunters will have a fantastic time on their hunting adventures.

Commentary from the MetaShooter team: For our team, one of our objectives is creating an interactive platform between crypto and non-crypto worlds. In the same way that hunting is a vast and niche sector at the same time, MetaShooter is attempting to modernise the hunting industry.

Weapons that may be altered to suit the user To accomplish this, the platform utilises the multi-billion-dollar markets of hunting and blockchain technology. Rare weapons like the F44 Champion, FS Ultra Zoom Scope and Stock or the 25*39 Long Range can be purchased on the marketplace by members of the community.

Using NFT dogs, you can enhance your hunting abilities.

NFTs can be sold, melted, or forged by users. They can increase their hunting skills by using NFT hounds, which have special hunting powers and senses that make it easier to locate their prey. This will significantly improve their chances of success.

Another characteristic that will boost productivity and success rates is that they will be able to locate animals without alerting them.

Members of the community can enhance their hunting abilities by constructing and upgrading towers that boost both their visibility and their shooting range. Hunter towers can be rented out to other players to generate revenue if they are not routinely used.

Breeding NFT dogs generates income. NFT dogs can be bred and sold to other hunts for profit by hunters. They’ll use the money to enhance their hunting profits.

A hunting place is not a restriction for hunters. MetaShooter allows them to hunt wherever they want, as well as enjoy magnificent sights and landscapes. A hunter can start earning money while also purchasing NFT land.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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