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NYC Mayor says, Bitcoin Sends a Message That New York City Is Open to Technology.

Bitcoin will assist New York to send a message to the world that the town is open to adopting new and modern technologies, said mayor Eric Adams. He also confirmed no regrets about receiving his first paycheck in BTC amid the market meltdown.

Bitcoin Sends a Message

Ever due to the fact closing year’s elections, Eric Adams has displayed a pro-cryptocurrency approach, insisting that he will acquire his first paychecks in BTC and additionally transform the Big Apple into a bitcoin hub.

While his words seemed like nothing extra than a pre-electoral promise to some, Adams certainly went on to receive his first take a look at in BTC and ETH. He said the next two ones will also be in the shape of the cryptocurrencies.

The mayor’s entrance into the digital asset area came at a bleak time, though. The panorama now is absolutely different than what it was once when he first promised to get his paychecks in bitcoin. That was once in November 2021 as BTC was once heading toward its peak of $69,000.

Since then, the asset has misplaced roughly 50% of its price and now struggles around $35,000. Yet, Adams doesn’t seem to care a good deal about this, at least according to his phrases from a recent CNN interview.

He cited that long-term investors do no longer pay attention to short-term fee fluctuations as they remain focused on the bigger picture. That larger photograph is to enable New York City to ship a message:

“The reason of the Bitcoin [adoption] is to ship a message that New York City is open to technology.”

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Bitcoin and Blockchain in Schools?

Shortly after getting elected as the new mayor of New York City, Adams outlined every other plausible initiative that will decorate the mass adoption of bitcoin and its underlying technology.

As reported in November, the ex-police officer said his team of workers will carefully observe how they may want to add blockchain and bitcoin to schools and allow the youthful generations to find out about new technological ways about innovative financial tools.

Adams is yet to address this manner after taking office, however retaining his promise to get his first paychecks in BTC is promising adequate for the crypto neighborhood that tides might be changing with those in power in the US, at least.


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