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Nvidia’s New RTX LHR Unlocker Opens 100% Of Ethereum Hashrate

According to information on an impending LHR unlocker for the Nvidia RTX 30 series, the program will unlock 100% of the Ethereum mining hashrate.

Nvidia’s LHR Is Completely Unlocked, Despite Claims of Yet-To-Be-Released Software

A new hashrate unlocker for mining Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on Nvidia’s RTX 30 series GPUs has surfaced, making some intriguing claims.

According to its GitHub website, Sergey’s “Nvidia RTX LHR v2 Unlocker” is capable of completely unlocking the mining performance of Ampere cards.

The “Lite Hash Rate,” or LHR, versions of the Nvidia graphics cards include a limiter that restricts miners from utilizing the GPU’s full computing capability for Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency mining.

With the default LHR series GPUs, mining performance is limited to 50%. Last year, some miners devised a method for circumventing this restriction.

However, even with the current version of NBMiner, the software that enables the increased hashrate, only 70% of the power available for Ethereum mining can be used for Ethereum mining.

Now, this new unlocker allegedly removes the entire cap, allowing miners to utilize all available power.


“The world’s first fully automated BIOS hack for RTX cards equipped with LHR v2 lock. It’s simple to use, intuitive, and requires no special understanding,” according to the GitHub page.

The software asserts that it creates a backup of the BIOS file prior to changing and flashing it. This means that the process is theoretically reversible if something goes wrong.

To fully unlock the hashrate, customized Nvidia RTX drivers must also be loaded, which the software will take care of if the user is running Windows.

While the creator believes that this technique is safe, you should proceed with caution because updated BIOS and driver files may render your card incompatible with tasks other than mining, such as gaming.

Nvidia released these LHR cards in order to dissuade miners from purchasing GPUs in the middle of a GPU shortage that continues to this day.

However, it appears that Nvidia’s plan did not work out as planned, as even with 50% hashrate, miners found Ethereum mining extremely profitable. And now, if the software’s assertions are correct, all limitations imposed by the GPU manufacturer have been entirely circumvented.

Ethereum Price

ETH’s price is hovering at $2.6k at the time of writing, down 16 percent in the last seven days.


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