Nouns Ethereum NFT Imagery Appear in Bud Light Super Bowl Ad

After acquiring a Nouns NFT, Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercial has “Noun glasses,” as promised.

The Nouns NFT project’s “Noun glasses” will appear in a Bud Light ad that will air during Super Bowl LVI.
The beer brand received a Nouns NFT as part of a cooperation with the Nouns DAO, which approved a proposal to carry out the deal via community vote.

Bud Light released a Super Bowl commercial on Monday that includes visuals from the Ethereum-based Nouns NFT project, corroborating Bitcoinsupports earlier claim.

The ad, titled “Zero in the Way of Possibility,” presents Bud Light Next, the brand’s latest beverage. An art gallery contorts to show digital overlays on the artwork—including the boxy “Noun glasses” that appear on every Nouns NFT—as part of a sequence of vignettes that depict diverse scenarios being changed.

Bud Light’s Twitter profile photo was altered in January to a Nouns NFT featuring a pixel art character with a beer mug for a head—and the iconic spectacles. Following a proposal that Noun owners voted on and successfully supported in January, the Nouns Foundation purchased the NFT for 127 ETH (about $394,000) and presented it to Bud Light.

“A famous beverage business will feature Noun glasses in a 2022 Super Bowl advertisement in exchange for one Noun from Nouns DAO,” read the proposal. “Once the Noun is received, this brand will alter its Twitter avatar to include Noun glasses, and plans to allow holders of the brand’s own NFT to vote collectively with their Noun on future governance initiatives.”

Despite the fact that the proposal didn’t expressly reference Bud Light, the beer brand’s use of the NFT image hinted that it would likely be included in a Super Bowl commercial. “Anything is possible,” Avery Akkineni, President of Budweiser’s NFT strategic partner VaynerNFT, told Bitcoinsupports last month when asked about plans to employ Nouns images in a Super Bowl ad.


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