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NFT Phone Case: A World First for Digital Asset Flexibility

NFT Phone Cover: The first certified NFT phone case was produced by a group of art and technology enthusiasts. You can now proudly display your investment as well as your favourite digital artworks wherever you go.

CASETiFY is a technology accessory company with a global presence. ‘NFT Your Case,’ as they call it, is a new product they’ve released. To design personalised phone cases, the platform use NFT verification technology. This action is “signalling their investment in the growing ‘phygital’ space,” according to them.

BAYC #3583 was recently purchased by CASETiFY. They paid 83.4 ETH (about $260K) for the service. CASETiFY introduced the world to the first verifiable NFT phone case with this purchase.

Authentication with the NFT Phone Case

So, how does it function? To prove authenticity, users can validate NFTs using their Ethereum wallet. The NFTs can then be printed on Casetify phone cases. To have the goods produced and transported to their doo, buyers can pay in ETH or USD.


The corporation wants to dispel doubts about ownership and resolve the’screenshot’ conflict over digital assets. “Proving authentication is crucial to an NFT owner,” said CASETiFY Co-founder Wes Ng. By decentralising the verification process for manufacturing phygital goods, our platform alleviates these concerns. The advent of ‘NFT Your Case’ allows the community to flex their digital artworks directly in their hands, while also opening up the metaverse to unlimited creative possibilities.”

An exclusive NFT QR code is printed on each phone case. This identifies the source of the phygital product. It also contains metadata about the artwork, the artist, and the listing.

The NFT phone cases are 65 percent recycled, can resist a drop from 10 feet, and start at $45 USD (0.014052 ETH). The life of an NFT is not inexpensive. However, it appears to be enjoyable. So. I suppose this is the most recent development. Until it’s no longer a thing. NFT-ing is a lot of fun.


Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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