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New technology has a fascinating way of bringing souls together: the first Metaverse wedding in the US & India

First ever US wedding in metaverse happened on February 6, 2022, according to the Rose Law Group’s Decentraland estate

This is the first time a couple has been married only through the medium of their digital metaverse identities.

Rose Law Group is the first law firm in the United States’ metaverse to recognise the legitimacy of the marriage by constructing a “meta-marriage framework” that includes a “Virtual Premarital Agreement.”

However, there were a few hiccups during the ceremony. Decentraland had a difficult time coping with the 2,000-plus virtual visitors.

Within the first 20 minutes of the event, all of the NFT gifts that had been distributed to attendees had been claimed. The aisle was littered with an image of Ryan. Others noticed a change in the hue and/or appearance of Candice’s avatar.

Assembling the Metaverse’s Wedding Ring

Tokens symbolising the marriage have been put to the blockchain, according to Rose Law Group. A wedding favour made from an NFT was given to guests to remember the occasion. This hasn’t stopped many people from debating whether the union is valid or not.

According to the American Marriage Ministries, “The appearances of the officiants and couple should not be modified in a virtual internet wedding. Using video-conferencing technology, they must be able to hear and see each other. Therefore, Metaverse marriage is not lawful until the legislation is changed.

It is only in the metaverse that a couple’s perfect fantasy wedding can become a reality due to the absence of limits, according to the founder and president of The Rose Law Group, Jordan Rose.

The ceremony on Decentraland failed to work, so one attendee told guests to proceed to Rose Law Group’s Instagram, where the real-life couple was exchanging their “I dos” via a livestream.

Many legal experts remain unconvinced despite Rose’s assurances that the wedding was lawful. According to AMM, there is a legal obligation for persons to appear at a legal wedding ceremony as both their real selves and their digital identities.

The First Virtual Wedding in India

The metaverse’s first wedding event, sponsored by newlyweds who sought to circumvent the COVID-19 restrictions on their big day, drew some 3,000 visitors from India and beyond.

They were married in a traditional ceremony in the southern state of Tamil Nadu on Sunday by Dinesh SP, 24, and his fiancée Janagaandhini Ramaswamy, 23.

It was only possible to have 100 guests attend the wedding because of the pandemic, so they decided to host it online.

The metaverse might grow to a $8 trillion market, according to Morgan Stanley analysts.


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