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‘Most high-end art NFTs ever’, says Punk6529

Punk6529 boasted to their 323,200 Twitter followers that their new museum district has “the most high-end art NFTs ever displayed in one place.”

Punk6529, a popular NFT collector, has announced a massive open Metaverse initiative aimed at 100 million people.

The self-funded project, nicknamed “OM,” seeks to be a community-built and shared platform. The project’s objective is to launch ten self-governing cities with a maximum population of 10 million.

“The most high-end art NFTs ever presented in one place,” punk6529 boasted to their 323,200 Twitter followers earlier today.

It features NFTs from projects including CryptoPunks, Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Art Blocks. Currently, 2000 NFTs are on exhibit, either from punk6529 or the project team. But new users can “load” their NFTs into OM’s galleries.

To deliver a workable product before scaling up via financing, the NFT proponent stated that they will not charge fees or generate crowdfunding at this time. Anyone can join and construct in the alpha now as long as their “ideas” fit the museum district’s.

“I don’t want your ETH, I want your ideas for OM. “I collect, I invest, and we will build OM together in public.”

“OM’s basic governance concept is district-based: districts can be ‘developed’ or ‘open’. 6529 will create the 6529 Museum District. Others may develop. Others can be experimental free zones,” they suggested.

According to punk6529, the museum district contains 25 active buildings in the middle square, with another 2000 yet to be activated.

A building can hold between 1 and 100 people, hence this neighbourhood can easily hold 100,000 people.

The NFT collector also discussed an open Metaverse, stating that “no one party is in charge”. A Metaverse where you don’t have to worry about “who owns what and do you agree?”

“Humans have done this previously. Nobody controls email, HTML, TCP/IP, Bitcoin, or ERC-721.”

To scale beyond “ETH/crypto degens,” the product must be inexpensive, user-friendly, and give a gateway to the real world, according to punk6529.

If the Metaverse draws enough people and the technology supports future expansion and big spaces, OM will become a public beta around June or July.


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