Melania Trump’s NFT Collection Honors Women’s History Month

Melania Trump, the former First Lady of the United States, has announced the “Women’s History Month NFT Collection,” which she created in conjunction with artist Marc-Antoine Coulon to honour three qualities that women should strive for: strength, confidence, and inspiration.

Three self-portraits are included in each of the 3,000 editions. Each NFT is a watercolour picture of Melania Trump, along with a discussion of how the illustrations represent the traits.

Melania Trump’s National Fashion Week Collection honours Women’s History Month

Melania Trump has unveiled her latest NFT collection on, a Parler-powered platform, in honour of Women’s History Month. The new set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection, produced by artist Marc-Antoine Coulon once again to mark Women’s History Month, features 3,000 versions across three portraits.

The Solana blockchain technology is used to create the Women’s History Month NFT Collection. These NFTs allow customers to get their hands on the original digital art file.

Furthermore, at $150 apiece, 1,500 versions of the portrait “Strong,” 500 editions of “Confident,” and 1,000 editions of “Inspirational” are included in the collection.

However, each purchase is made at random. “Collectors will enjoy a sense of surprise because the artwork will not be disclosed until after the purchase,” said Parler.

The NFT Collection for Women’s History Month will honour three qualities that women should strive for: strong, confident, and influential.

Melania Trump tweeted in support of Ukrainian women on March 8, 2022, using the terms “strong,” “confident,” and “inspiring.”

Melania Trump’s Previous NFT Collections

This past year, the former First Lady made a splash in the NFT industry by establishing several of her own. Melania’s Eyes, a watercolour painting of Trump’s eyes, was the first piece in Trump’s inaugural NFT collection, which debuted in December 2021.

Melania Trump auctioned her third NFT collection, ‘Head of State,’ inspired by her stay in the White House, in January 2022. A wide-brimmed white hat worn by the former first lady was featured in the collection, along with a painting of her wearing it.

She also revealed the “POTUS NFT Collection,” which will include ten pieces of digital artwork, each with 500 to 1,750 limited editions.


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