Melania Trump Launches ‘POTUS NFT Collection’ in the Wake of Controversy

  • Various media sources reported that the funds used to purchase Trump’s first NFT were traced back to the former first lady.
  • The new collection will include 10,000 NFTs, each of which will cost $50.
  • The upcoming sale will begin on February 21st, Presidents’ Day.
  • Despite reports that Melania Trump won an auction for her first NFT, the former first lady is releasing a new batch of digital collectibles.

Trump said in a statement that the “POTUS NFT Collection” will “recognize important moments in America’s history,” such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) depicting Mount Rushmore, the White House, and Air Force One. 10,000 solana NFTs are for sale at a price of $50 each.

“Collectors will enjoy an element of surprise, as each NFT’s artwork is revealed only after purchase,” Trump said. “Of course, collectors can buy the entire POTUS Trump Collection in multiple purchases.”

The sale will begin on February 21st, Presidents’ Day.

Trump’s NFT efforts have been called into question after a media source reported that the former first lady purchased her first NFT on her own. The funds used to purchase Trump’s collection were traced back to the project’s creators’ wallet.

Late last year, Trump announced her “Head of State Collection,” which included a white hat, a painting of herself, and a voice recording as part of the “historic auction.” Despite a starting bid of $250,000, the NFT sold for around $180,000.

A Trump spokesperson denied that the project’s creator purchased its NFT.

“The Blockchain protocol’s nature is completely transparent.” As a result, the public has access to each transaction on the [blockchain],” a representative said in a statement. “The transaction was carried out on behalf of a third-party buyer.”

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