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McDonald’s and Panera Bread trademark metaverse restaurants

Companies such as McDonald’s and Panera Bread have applied for trademark registrations to establish virtual restaurants and sell other digital assets in the metaverse.

It is one of the ten trademark applications that McDonald’s has submitted, and one of them is for “running an online restaurant incorporating home delivery that features both actual and virtual goods.”

When it comes to the metaverse, Panera Bread is registering its trademark for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which allow for business transactions involving virtual food and drink and computer programmes that may access these NFTs. Restaurant Paneraverse is also developing virtual eateries and delivery options under this name.

Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney, tweeted about the filings.

Many well-known brands, including adidas Originals, Prada, and Gap, have expressed an interest in selling their products in the virtual world. Because it’s not yet apparent how people can have a virtual dining experience, food firms have been reluctant to enter the virtual dining market. There were no responses from McDonald’s and Panera before the article was published.

Gerben explained to The Block why trademarks are necessary for these eateries to protect their intellectual property in the metaverse:

“The goods and services that a corporation has applied for in the past are the only ones that can be registered as trademarks. As new technologies develop, it is common for businesses to file new trademarks to ensure that their new goods and/or services are protected in a clear manner. On the other hand, if someone wanted to open a McDonald’s in the metaverse, they couldn’t due to McDonald’s existing trademarks. To guarantee that they have all the necessary tools to protect their rights, they are filing additional trademark applications.”

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