McAfee’s Unhackable Bitfi Wallet Hacked Again, Security Researchers Await Bounty


On the landing page of equipment wallet Bitfi’s site, it is difficult to miss these words credited to the organization’s executive, John McAfee: “The world’s first un-hackable capacity for cryptographic money and advanced resources.”

Be that as it may, for the umpteenth time, the security of the equipment wallet has been extremely traded off. In the latest occurrence as per Hard Fork, security specialists at Pen Test Partners could send marked exchanges utilizing Bitfi subsequently satisfying an indispensable necessity for the equipment wallet’s abundance program.

“Indeed, that is an exchange made with a MitMed Bitfi, with the expression and seed being sent to a remote machine,” Andrew Tierney, a security specialist at Pen Test Partners, composed on Twitter. “That sounds a great deal like Bounty 2 to me.”

Three Conditions

Contrasted with Bitfi’s underlying abundance which was putting forth a prize of US$250,000 the second abundance was moderately small at just US$10,000. To guarantee the second abundance the guidelines incorporate among others adjusting the equipment wallet’s firmware and after that associating with the Bitfi dashboard. The last condition to be met includes guaranteeing that the mystery expression of the client or their private keys are transmitted to an outsider while guaranteeing that the Bitfi dashboard keeps working regularly.

Per Tierney, the group could essentially alter the firmware and therefore capture correspondences between the equipment gadget and the wallet. What’s more, to demonstrate that the gadget was as yet associated with the dashboard and working impeccably the analysts showed messages on the screen.

Team Effort

According to Tierney, hacking the hardware wallet involved teamwork with various individuals and entities making varying contributions.


As CCN as of late revealed, the gadget was established (picking up overseer or advantaged access) toward the start of this current month by a data security master who in this manner found a suite of applications that included GPS and Wi-Fi trackers. This was seen as a genuine security issue since the following applications were found to interface different web administrations incorporate the Chinese online pursuit goliath Baidu.

Under ten days after the fact 15-year old Saleem Rashid, a hacking wonder, could introduce Doom gaming application on the gadget and play it. This raised worries that by having feeble or non-existent alter securities, vindictive on-screen characters could without much of a stretch introduce malware abandoning it powerless against control. Also, there were worries that with root get to the gadget could be effortlessly reinvented.

Bitfi’s reaction to the entire adventure brought about a progression of stumbles and terrible exposure. Subsequently, the firm as of late won the Pwnie Award for the Lamest Vendor Response amid the BlackHat USA meeting that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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