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Mastercard collaborates with Indonesian crypto gateway for financial inclusion

Mastercard Indonesia executive Navin Jain stated that Mastercard will help Fasset’s efforts to expand financial inclusion in the country.

Mastercard has teamed with crypto gateway provider Fasset to co-develop digital solutions that could boost cryptocurrency adoption in Indonesia. The collaboration intends to increase financial inclusion in the country and improve its local economy’s potential.

Navin Jain, the national manager for Mastercard Indonesia, stated in an announcement that the company will support Fasset’s efforts to increase financial inclusion in the country. According to Jain, the alliance will increase access to digital technology for communities.

Hendra Suryakusuma, an executive at Fasset, told that 92 million Indonesians do not have bank accounts. According to Suryakusuma, Fasset and Mastercard will bridge this gap to improve access to digital financial services. Suryakusuma elucidated:

Our alliance aims to reduce barriers to digital banking and expand chances to profit from developing financial services.

In addition, the CEO believes that crypto adoption in countries such as Indonesia will have a huge impact on the crypto ecosystem as a whole. He emphasised that it will serve as a guide for other nations to pursue progress and alter their economic growth rate. “The consequences for the sector include a growing legitimization of crypto assets, their use cases, and application domains,” he elaborated.

Mastercard increased its network for nonfungible token (NFT) markets in June. The payment processing company worked with NFT marketplaces to enable its cardholders to purchase NFTs directly with their credit or debit cards, eliminating the requirement to purchase crypto prior to making NFT transactions.

During a discussion on central bank digital currencies in May, Michael Miebach, the CEO of Mastercard, made a daring forecast that the cross-border transaction platform SWIFT may cease to exist in five years (CBDCs). However, following the panel, a Mastercard spokeswoman stressed that it is not a yes-or-no question, but rather a confirmation of SWIFT’s past assurances that its operations will eventually evolve.


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