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Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, has revealed plans to distribute NFTs to Mt Gox customers

Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of the defunct bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, has announced the creation of a non-fungible token (NFT) project that would provide airdropped NFTs to Mt Gox clients who registered between 2010 and 2014. The Mt Gox NFTs are ERC721-compatible tokens with “particular use cases,” according to the company.

Mt Gox Commemorative NFTs are being announced by the former CEO of the exchange


Mark Karpeles has announced the introduction of an NFT collection connected to the Mt Gox bankruptcy, marking his return to the crypto business. “If you were a Mt Gox customer between 2010 and 2014, you can claim your Mt Gox NFT on [].” On March 28, Karpeles tweeted, “The NFT is airdropped for free, and available regardless of whether you had a balance or made a claim with the bankruptcy.”

The NFTs do not have artwork, and Karpeles stated that the project will “not be using ethereum, due to the costs,” and that Polygon “seems like a lot better alternative at this moment.” Each NFT is numbered (uint256), and they match each Mt Gox user account number, according to the Mt Gox NFTs webpage. According to the website, NFT owners can use their tokens to create a members-only area, future airdrops, and a DAO governance mechanism.

The website explains, “Of course, owning a Mt Gox crypto currency is also proof of someone being an early bitcoin adopter.” “However, it is proof of having lived through and survived one of the most well-publicized bitcoin-related calamities.” You may prove your OG status by owning a Mt Gox NFT. You were present during Bitcoin’s infancy, and now you can verify it on the blockchain.”

Karpeles gave a community update on his NFT project on March 28. “A lot of demands for the Mt Gox NFT – will begin minting tomorrow, please be patient,” the now-defunct bitcoin exchange’s former CEO said. “How do we receive?” says the narrator. In response to Karpeles’ tweet, one person wondered, “Will it just go to our polygon wallet on Metamask once you’ve submitted?”

“At that moment, you’ll receive an email, and there’ll be one more stage where you can choose your privacy choices, such as hiding balances/etc,” Karpeles responded. “Once you confirm, the procedure will enter minting mode, and it will be in your wallet in a matter of hours.”


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