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Manchester United is reportedly preparing to reveal its sponsorship of the Tezos Blockchain through the unveiling of a t-shirt campaign.

Manchester United will reportedly get around $27 million per year in sponsorship fees from Tezos blockchain as part of a training kit sponsorship agreement. Since May 2021, Tezos has supported a rising number of sporting teams.

The Sports Investment of Tezos

Manchester United, the most successful football club in the English Premier League, has reportedly struck a training kit sponsorship contract with Tezos. Over $27 million each year, or £20 million, is expected to be paid to Manchester United as part of this deal. Tezos will become the football team’s training uniform sponsor in exchange for this deal.

Following the conclusion of Manchester United’s Aon sponsorship relationship, Tezos has signed a sponsorship partnership with the 22-time English champions, The Athletic reports.

If verified, Tezos’ sponsorship of Manchester United will mark the blockchain company’s newest foray into the world of sports. Tezos announced in May 2021 that it was sponsoring the New York Mets of Major League Baseball. In the same month, Tezos was reported to have signed an agreement to construct the “first-ever NFT experience” for the Formula One (F1) team Red Bull Racing Honda.

Visibility from the Front of the Shirt

Additionally, McClaren Racing is sponsored by Tezos in Formula One, IndyCar, and Esports. A French esports team, Team Vitality, recently partnered with the blockchain corporation as a technical partner elsewhere in Europe. The partnership, like the previously reported one between Tezos and Manchester United, provides the esports organisation a prominent place on the team’s uniform.

It appears that neither Manchester United nor Tezos are commenting on the rumoured sponsorship agreement. Tezos’ blockchain, however, is expected to be used by the football club to take use of new technologies such as the metaverse and Web3 in the sponsorship agreement.

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